The Feed office is full of ridiculously great tasting energy food. We work hard, and that means exercising discipline 5 or 6 days a week: we're always yelling "Don't eat the inventory!"  While we do test EVERYTHING we sell, each of us has our own very specific monthly delivery. This week we'll take you inside one of our own employees feed: Employee: Bryan Smith Title: Co-Founder of  The Feed.  I'm a big believer that hydration is the foundation for every active activity I do. It doesn't matter if I'm in the gym , riding, running or skiing, if I'm not properly hydrated, it sucks. That's why my Feed is stocked with Skratch Labs Lemons and Limes. I love the way Skratch tastes, and because I love it I drink more. If I drink more, I'm better hydrated. It's not rocket science, although there'a s huge amount of science behind this product. LLX_Bag_532 The rest of my monthly Feed falls into two categories: daily snacks and performance food for workouts. Snacks: When most of my day is consumed by work, I need to munch on something tasty without overeating. That said, Clif Bar Z Bars, Bonk Breaker Peanut Butter and Banana, and Breeze Bars are my favorite daily snacks. Breeze Bars are probably my favorite "at work snack". As an added bonus, Breeze Bars are made right here in Boulder, Colorado. A hometown favorite.


  Although I am not a professional athlete, I still love to perform well. Okay that's a lie. I like to crush work outs. I like to go as hard as I can, test my limits and maximize my time outside. In college I used to be famous for my honey, peanut butter and banana sandwiches. When I'm exercising I love honey and dislike maltodextrin.* LOVE IT. This is why I stock my Feed  with high performance energy products from Honey Stinger. If you're a honey-fanatic like me Honey Stinger chews and gels are my key to great rides. The Cherry Cola chews and Gold gels give me that turbo boost at the end of a long ride. hs gel gold gallery My final pick: FLUID Recovery. This stuff is hands down the best (most effective) recovery product I've ever tried. Comparatively low protein and high sugar, Fluid moves through your system replacing glycogen, not bogging you down with too much protein that is hard to digest. Bonus: tastes amazing. fluid recov chocolate single     *Article clarification: While the bars mentioned as favorites for in-workout fueling do not contain maltodextrin, Fluid Recovery shake, used post-workout does include the maltodextrin in it's ingredients.