Happy Halloween! We've been playing with our food and want you to meet the latest addition to The Feed family:


Mr. Thunderbird Frankenstein Bolt is an EXPERT on How To Eat. He knows all sports: running, cycling, triathlon, crossfit, skiing, base-jumping, skeletoning... you name it, he will know how to eat for it. Go ahead, ask him. Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.24.18 PM If you want to make him, here is what you'll need: IMG_5016 Now, take the Thunderbird Energetic Bar from the wrapper, using a rubber band, or if you're lucky enough to have toothpicks (we don't), adhere the PowerBar Energy Blasts to the top half of the bar, with the white side facing out, to make eyes. Then adhere one PowerBar Energy Blast with the colored side facing outwards, centered and beneath the eyes. Then take the ProBar Bolts and place them at the base of the Thunderbird Energetic Bar. Again, if you have toothpicks you can stick one side into the bolt and the other into the Thunderbird Energetic Bar to make Mr. Thunderbird Frankenstein Bolt more sturdy. Thunderbird Powerbar Bolt VOILA! You have a creature! SpookyTReats