We are big fans of snacking. We've written about it before, but there's no better time than late fall to focus on your snacking. Many of us are working out less, which makes snacking seem dangerous. If you're smart about it, the opposite is true. It's important to remember that snacking is a great way to keep weight off by increasing your metabolism when it might otherwise be slowing down. Start with whole grains, protein and healthy fats. When consumed in moderate amounts, protein and healthy fats will help keep you feeling satisfied for longer, without spiking blood sugar. Remember the calories! You do not want to have a 500 calorie snack on top of 3 full meals. CLICK HERE to purchase all of the products recommended in this post.

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Clusters:

[product_grid id="161117"] Unless you’ve been living in an isolated cave since 2012 you’ve probably tried quinoa. But if you have grown bored with the ancient superfood, these snacks are just what you need to give quinoa a facelift. They are a mix of puffed quinoa flakes and whole quinoa grains that lend the perfect crunch. They are packed with protein so they’ll give you lasting energy during your day. Key point: don't eat the entire bag in one sitting!

Vega One Meal Bar:

[product_grid id="17097"] Ok, ok...we know this doesn't seem like a snacker, but it is. Formulated by professional Ironman Brendan Brazier, the bars are designed to have everything you need to replace a meal or serve as a supplement to a meal alongside some other whole food options. The Vega One Bar packs a punch (270 calories), but it ALSO packs 12g plant based protein, 4g fiber, 1 serving of greens, 1 billion probiotics, 1g of Omega-3s, and the equivalent of 1.4 cups of blueberries. This bar is an awesome way to snack through lunch.

Gather Bar:

[product_grid id="103021"] The Gather Bar is a paleo-friendly bar that everyone can and should try. Why? It's not necessarily low in calories, but it is perfect for snacking. The Gather Bar is super nutrient-dense, and is made purely from whole foods. You can see every single ingredient packed inside these bars. Speaking of ingredients, the combinations are picked with purpose. Most of the bars contain superfoods high in omega-3s like goji berries, maca, hemp, pumpkin seeds and more.

Steve's Paleo Dried Fruit:

[product_grid id="137859"] Dried fruit is a great way to get a sweet treat that packs energy and has nothing artificial. Steve’s Paleo Dried Fruit is literally just apples, dried. With no added sugar, this is a great snacking option. Keep a bag in your desk and snack away when the afternoon hits! The bags are super portable and make it easy to satisfy a sweet tooth, and stay paleo when on-the-go. The dried fruit also provides the perfect pre-workout energy, or in a jam, the perfect way to add a bit of umph to a workout. CLICK HERE to purchase all of the products recommended in this post.