Over at Women's Adventure Magazine, some adventure seeking moms were asked to pick a their favorite pieces of gear. We are super stoked to have made the list. Here's what they had to say:
Bike nutrition always confused me. Gels, blocks, bars, drink mixes, recovery products. I was never sure what to eat when or how much. With The Feed you receive a box every month with the precise amount of food you need for your training and/or racing--food that is hand selected by the pros that coach professional cyclists. You can also customize your boxes if, for example, you hate gels or despise vanilla flavors.
The real value in The Feed is the nutrition knowledge they share with you every month. You’ll get a comprehensive nutrition guide and “playing cards” that discuss what to eat and when based on your ride time.These playing cards can fit in your jersey or hydration pack for quick reference. I personally noticed a significant improvement in my endurance after following their advice. Turns out, nutrition is the key to cycling performance. - J.C.
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