Review: Pocket Fuel 1.8 Ounce Nut Butter

There aren't many products that we've come across that are new to us, but Pocket Fuel nut butters are definitely one of the "new" products that we hadn't previously considered using prior to starting The Feed. The truth is that Pocket Fuel 1.8 ounce serving nut butters are a fantastic option for athletes of all kinds. Over the past couple of years, we've found that most people need some extra encouragement before they're willing to try nut butters as fuel. Consider this your extra encouragement, nut butters are great fuel sources if you understand how to use them. If you've never used nut butters as fuel, the first step is understanding what they won't do for you. Nut butters will not help rescue your body from a low blood sugar bonk or provide an immediate energy source. They're also very difficult to eat if you're doing a high intensity workout. What nut butters can do for you is provide a satisfying real food option best used during longer and lower intensity workouts. They are also great as an afternoon snack, provided that you're mindful of the added calories from a high fat food. As athletes, we've fully embraced fat as an integral part of our diet. They key is making sure that you reduce calories in other areas to off set added fat calories. As a first step, we highly recommend sub-ing out foods with added sugar for something like Pocket Fuel nut butter.

Pocket Fuel 1.8oz Serving:

[product_grid id="56778"] In the case of Pocket Fuel's 1.8oz serving, each packet has 160-180 calories, a high percentage of which comes from fat. We're here to tell you that can be a good thing if used properly. We've used Pocket Fuel nut butters extensively on 4+ hour bike rides, all day hikes, or pretty frequently as an afternoon snack. We love the fact that this product doesn't give us an immediate sugar rush, and especially as a snack, prevents cravings that are typical with high glycemic sugary products. When you're using this during an endurance sport / workout, give yourself some additional time to "feel" the effects of this product. In contrast to gels or carb rich products, nut butters take some extra time for digestion. Ideal use:
  • Afternoon Snacking
  • Low intensity Workouts
  • Great addition to morning shakes
  • They vary across flavors, but all ingredients are "real food". You don't need a chemistry or biology degree to understand them!
  • While predominantly made up of nut butters (almond or hazelnut), they do have some added cane sugar.
  • Chocolate Espresso contains 80mg caffeine.
  • Our favorite: Chocolate Haze (hazelnut). A not too sweet healthier version of nutella that comes in an easy to carry squeeze pack. Awesome.
  • Runner up: Banana Blueberry. Don't be afraid of almond butter + banana + blueberry. The flavors here are subtle, so you'll only pick up a slight Banana and Blueberry taste.
  • For caffeine lovers: Chocolate Espresso. 80mg of caffeine to keep you moving!
  • Others: Pineapple Coconut, Coconut Cherry, Chia Goji and Honey. These come down to a matter of preference for us, we're not huge fans of pineapple, coconut and cherry, but if you are give these a try!
  • Too Sweet: Vanilla Haze (Hazelnut). Unlike Chocolate Haze, the vanilla flavor is just too sweet for our preferences. That said, the added sweetness makes this flavor "taste" more like a sugary gel. This could be a good thing for you if you're conditioned to sweets during exercise.
If you're interested in checking Pocket Fuel's complete line of nutrition products, you can browse and shop for them here.