Product Review: Clif Organic Energy Food

Hey folks, Bryan from The Feed here. We've finally received a shipment of the highly anticipated Clif Organic Energy Food, and have been using it for the past week. A week isn't long enough time to decide how much we like this product, but I can say that initial impressions are very good. 

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food:

[product_grid id="210782"] In order to develop their new Organic Energy Food, Clif worked closely with Team Clif Bar athletes and asked them directly: what are you missing that you want to use while training? By "athletes" we mean people like Scott Jurek, an ultra runner who won the Western States 100 7 consecutive times. Athletes like Scott know a thing or two about how nutrition fits in their training and race routines. Here's what Clif Bar says about their new Organic Energy Food:
CLIF Organic Energy Food is crafted for endurance athletes who want energy and essential nutrients for long-duration activities from real food ingredients. Unique to the performance nutrition category, CLIF Organic Energy Food lets athletes satisfy their craving for either real fruit or salty comfort food, in a convenient, resealable pouch. CLIF Organic Energy Food complements our other performance products, providing athletes with another performance nutrition option. Providing a range of both sweet and savory flavors may help increase athletes’ total energy intake by combating palate fatigue, which can potentially benefit performance.
What we like about Clif Organic Energy Food:
  • The ingredient lists are very good, and you don't need a chemistry degree to understand them. The Banana Mango Coconut flavor has the following in it: Organic Banana Puree, Organic Mango Puree, Organic Coconut Cream, Organic Coconut, Sea Salt, Citric Acid (natural preservative found in citrus fruits).
  • Clif offers savory flavors, Pizza Margherita and Sweet Potato with Sea Salt. While we don't love the Pizza flavor here at The Feed, the Sweet Potato flavor is pretty good. It's a great alternative to all the sweet things endurance athletes eat.
  • Clif also offers sweet flavors, Banana Mango Coconut and Banana Beet with Ginger. These flavors are really good, we love them. Also, yay for beets...we like anything with beets!
  • Organic Energy Food is packaged in pouches similar to Fuel for Fire or Munk Pack. These pouches are super easy to use during exercise and allow for the product to have a higher liquid content than gels or chews. More liquid = less required water for digestion. That's a good thing.
What we don't like about Clif Organic Energy Food:
  • We struggle with the consistency and texture of the Organic Energy Food. The product has the consistency of a smoothie which we definitely prefer over a sticky / thick gel, but it is tough to get used to!
  • Although we love the high water content, it also means that eating one pack of Organic Energy Food is hard to do all at once while exercising. When you use this product, dose it out so that you eat one pack in 2-3 servings and remember that overall calories aren't that high. This could impact your fueling strategy.
How we're using Clif Organic Energy Food:
  • During exercise of any intensity, 90 minutes+ in duration. As we mentioned, the high water content of this product is a good thing, but one pouch only has 100-150 calories and 17-21 grams of carbohydrate. Plan to eat 2+ of these pouches per hour for longer endurance workouts.
  • I personally used 2x Banana Mango Coconut's on a recent 3 hour bike ride and found them to be super refreshing and a great alternative to a gel or chew.
We highly recommend that you try this product out for yourself. Clif's Organic Energy Food is a great option for any athlete looking for real food fuel during exercise.