Presidents Day Challenge: The Presidential Fitness Test

When was the last time you took the President's Fitness Challenge? In honor of President's Day, we challenge you. We'll do it here at The Feed, and update this post with our results, tomorrow. Plus, if you take the test  you can see how you stack up against young school children. (If you wanna be bold and take the Adult Fitness Test, here's the link, but more on that later) Here's what you gotta do:
  • Curl-ups: Like on your back. Bend your knees. Your feet should be about 12 inches from your butt. Have someone (or the couch) hold your feet down. Cross your arms across your chest, with you hands on opposite shoulders. Your elbows should be close to your chest. Now curl up. Touching your elbows to your thighs. Then lower back down. Count how many reps you can do in 60 seconds. 
  • Shuttle Run: Mark two parallel lines 30 feet apart. Place two blocks of wood (shoes, whatever) just behind one of the lines. Start at the opposite line and run as fast as you can to the blocks, pick one up, run back to your starting place, put it down, run back and get the other block, run it back across the line. This measures speed, quickness and agility. Time yourself. 
  • Endurance Run/Walk: This one is simple. Run/Walk/Skip a mile. Do it as fast as you can. This measures your heart and lung endurance. Time yourself.
  • Pull-ups: Ugh. Being cyclists this is our least favorite. Okay. Hang from a horizontal bar. With your arms fully extended your feet should hang free. You can use any palm grip you want, so your palms can face away from the body (overhand grasp) or palms face towards the body (underhand grasp). Now pull up by raising your body until your chin CLEARS the bar. Then lower your body to a FULL-HANG (no cheating). This measures upper body strength and endurance. Record how many you can do.
  • "V" sit: Mark a straight line two feet long on the floor, this is your baseline. Draw a measuring line perpendicular to the midpoint of the baseline extending two feet on each side and marked off in half-inches. The point where the baseline and measuring line intersect is the "0" point. Sit on floor with measuring line between legs and soles of feet placed immediately behind baseline, heels 8-12 inches apart. Clasp thumbs so your hands are together, palms facing down. Place them on the measuring line. Now reach forward as far as you possible can (if you can, have someone hold your feet). Keep your fingers on the baseline and feet flexed.  Hold for three seconds and that is your distance.
RESULTS! To get the Presidential Fitness Award you need to be in or above the 85th percentile. For a 17-year-old girl, the standards are as follows:
  • Curl-ups: 44 in 60 seconds
  • Shuttle run: 10 seconds
  • One mile run: 8:15
  • Pull ups: 1
  • "V" sit: +8
So how did you do? We'll post our results, tomorrow.