By far the best part of working at The Feed is finding (and using) great stuff from our partners. Sometimes we get wowed by a new product that is truly unique, a "you gotta have it", and at other times we go back to old favorites that are still awesome. Our picks this week are a mix of old and new, Untapped Pure Maple Syrup, Clif Bar Mojo, Breeze Bar Snack Mix, and Bonk Breaker High Protein Bar.

Untapped Pure Maple Syrup:

[product_grid id="176195"] UnTapped pure maple syrup is 100% pure Vermont Maple syrup, plain and simple. Seriously, there are literally no other ingredients in here. UnTapped is made from Slopeside Syrup, a family-run company out of Richmond, Vermont. The Cochrans, makers of Slopeside and all former ski racers, teamed up with professional cyclist, Ted King, to offer something unique to the sports nutrition world. Who would have thought that the delicious condiment that you lather on your pancakes and waffles could be a viable form of energy for endurance sports? They did!

Clif Mojo Bar:

[product_grid id="9856"] The Clif Mojo Bar is like taking your favorite trail mix and putting it neatly in your pocket. Clif describes the Mojo as a “Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Bar”, and that might be why it’s one of our favorites. The Mojos are far less dense than original Clif Bars, making them generally easier to eat and digest. Most Mojo bars have a higher protein to carb ratio compared to other energy bars, so it’s important to consider these bars long-term energy. They aren’t going to bring you back from a bonk or give you a burst of energy. While you won’t feel the benefits of a Mojo bar immediately, they’ll sustain you over the course of 1.5-2 hours.

Breeze Bar Snack Mix:

[product_grid id="174787"] Craving a healthy snack or something to brighten up your morning oatmeal or yogurt? Our local friends, Breeze Bars, just released their version of a healthy snack mix and oh my yum it is delicious! Breeze formulated her own mix, aptly named “Breeze Custom Quinoa Clusters”, which includes gluten-free oats, quinoa, amaranth, chia seeds and a bunch of other wholesome ingredients. The tasty clusters are consistent in every bag, but the other ingredients are what make these mixes amazing. For example, the Focus Mix contains dark chocolate espresso beans for a little kick, banana chips, and dark cacao nibs. The Bonfire Mix, one our of staff favorites, uses dark chocolate chunks, dried marshmallows (yes we said marshmallows) and toasted coconut to achieve that “s’mores around the campfire” taste. The crunchy clusters and unique flavor combinations make these mixes a must try for anyone looking for a healthy, yet delicious snack. Who said healthy snacking can’t taste good?

Bonk Breaker High Protein Bar:

[product_grid id="20603"] These bars are almost taste clones of the original Bonk Breaker Bar. That’s a good thing since the original are the self-proclaimed, world’s best bars. Unlike the original Bonk Breakers, these have a whopping 15 grams of protein per serving and only 25g of carbs. However, like their counterparts they are also 100% Gluten, soy & dairy free. These Bonk Breakers make a great meal replacement or supplement. They are baked fresh daily, and we keep our stock fresh. For that reason we really suggest only ordering what you’d consume in a month.