The first workout of the 2016 CrossFit Open is officially released...boy is it a good a terrible way! Whether this is your first, second, or sixth time participating in The Open congratulations and get ready for a fun five weeks. We will be right there with you for these five weeks giving you tips and tricks to help get you your best results. This is the one time of the year that you can see where you stack up against the world and it’s also a great opportunity to create a benchmark of your fitness level for the following year. In case you missed the announcement of the workout, 16.1 is: 20 Min AMRAP 25 ft. overhead walking lunge (95/65) 8 bar-facing burpees 25 ft. overhead walking lunge 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups Looking at this workout as a whole can be overwhelming so we are going to break it down in to parts for you and give you a couple tips and tricks to help you create the perfect plan of attack. This is an endurance workout and you will want to make sure that you have enough in the tank to push for 20 minutes. Our first tip - don’t go start pacing like you are doing Fran! Consistency is going to be a key to this workout and whoever maintains a consistent pace for 20 minutes will come out on top. The workout starts with the overhead walking lunge. The most efficient way to get the bar overhead would be a clean and jerk to save the shoulders. Make sure you are completely stable overhead before you start lunging otherwise you will fall to the side or forward. Keep your chest tall so that you can take deep breaths while you lunge and pick a pace that you can maintain. Try to get all the overhead walking lunges unbroken so that you don’t have to go back to closest 5ft. mark (each 5ft. line counts as one rep). Going back will cost you a lot of time and wear on you mentally. For the bar facing burpees stay as close to the bar as you can and stay as low as you can while jumping over the bar. Don’t waste your energy standing all the way up for the burpees, and when you are coming off of the floor take a step and then hop versus hopping both feet up to your hands (watch Emily Abbot do this). It will save your back from a bit of strain and limit the amount of energy that you will have to put into your burpee. For the chest to bar pull-ups if you are very efficient with these you can start unbroken- otherwise it would be good to pick a number and stick to that. A good way to go would be a set of 4 take one to two deep breaths and then another set of 4. Singles can also be very efficient if you come off the bar and jump right back up. This whole workout comes down to pacing that works for you. Make sure you stick to a pace that is right for you and stick with it! Going too fast early will lead to fewer reps over the course of 20 minutes. Now that you have some tips go out there and give it a try! The Open only comes around once a year so make sure you give it your all! Share your 16.1 score with the hashtag #fueledbyfeedx for a chance to win a FREE Metcon Box!