Our New Year's Resolution To You

Hello 2016! Sounds weird, we know. We’re going to be crossing out the 2015 in favor of 2016 on anything we write for the next few months, but we’re excited to have another great year in the books at The Feed. 2015 was a great year for our business. Because each of you play a role in the growth of this business, we wanted to share the highlights with you. Our Top 3 Products of 2015:
  1. Rip Van Waffle - Traditional
  2. Skratch Labs Fruit Drops - Raspberry
  3. Bonk Breaker Bar - Peanut Butter Banana
Our Top 3 Rising Stars of 2015:
  1. Untapped Maple Waffle and Syrup
  2. Picky Bar - Smooth Caffeinator 
  3. Skratch Labs Cookie Mix
Out Top 5 moments of 2015:
  • A customer in Texas mailed us cookies after we joked that she should send us some
  • We shipped 13,828 Camelbak podium bottles + 69,140 Skratch Labs single in July for FREE! 
  • Untapped Maple Kits was one of our most shipping items. We learned not to underestimate Vermont maple syrup...
  • Bonk Breaker Peanut Butter Banana is STILL a customer favorite, second year in a row!
  • A family in Maryland/Arizona now represents 3 generations of Feed customers. Grandma, her son, and her grandkids.
  • Bonus item: Each staff member now has a razor scooter at our warehouse. Productivity is through the roof!
Last year, each of our staff members made a NYE resolution. We shared it publicly on our blog to keep ourselves honest. Although NYE resolutions are more played out than the Beatles, we found that setting a goal in early 2015 and sticking to it was a great way to start the year. We recommend you do the same in 2016. So what’s our new year's resolution to you, The Feed customer? We want to improve our content quality and how it’s delivered to you. We’re starting by rethinking our email strategy. In early 2016, we’re going to give you the option to tailor what emails you receive from The Feed. Meaning, you can pick if you want to get emails about sales, new products, educational content, recipes, or keep getting our 2 weekly emails. We don’t want to spam you so we’ll let you decide. Secondly, we’re going to bring you better content to help you LEARN how to use nutrition to become a stronger athlete. We’re going to show you that you don’t need a chemistry degree to understand nutrition. That’s it, our resolution to you is short and simple. Have a Happy New Year!