As we prepare for 2016, we wanted to share our most important articles on nutrition from 2015. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit the highlights. Enjoy!

8 Rules for Athletes in 2015

"Always look for a new sport or activity to participate in. Challenging your body and forcing it to adapt to new things is the key to expanding your potential."

Low Sugar For Endurance Athletes

"Remember that you don’t need to pour sugar into your body throughout your workout, and certainly not throughout your day.  For the sake of wellness and your performance, lower your intake of sugar and reap the rewards of health and endurance."

Does Bulletproof Coffee Really Make You Bulletproof?

"It’s not black or white. If you’re feeling awesome from your bulletproof coffee, your cholesterol is in check and you eat a really well rounded, vitamin and mineral dense diet at the other two meals, well hey, maybe this is an awesome fit for you."

90 Day No Sugar Test - Our Conclusions

"We set out to see what effect, if any, this dietary change would have on our ability to burn fat during exercise. We asked: can endurance athletes who 10-15+ hours per week benefit from a zero added sugar and low carbohydrate diet?"

Why You Should Eat More Healthy Fats

"Fats are a superior nutrient to stay optimally fueled. The key considerations when consuming fats is to focus on the type of fat you are consuming, while staying within your calorie range for the day."

**Honorable Mentions**

Introducing The Nothing Bar

"We know that when the seasons change, it’s basically a requirement for athlete’s to have a new flavored bar in your pantry. And we’re here to deliver that to you, like Don, the nice man who delivers your dad’s dry cleaning on Tuesday evenings."

Press Release: Ted King Becomes Pro Lumberjack

“My focus will be making it to the 2016 Lumberjack World Championships, competing in the Boom Run and Chopping events. I figure my relative light weight and speed from cycling will put me on the podium for the Boom Run. The big unknown is how well I can chop wood at the elite level.”