Open workout 16.4 has arrived and it's a good one! We have seen both short and intense workouts, as well as long and grueling workouts. This week we're looking at a chipper that's great in both intensity and endurance. 16.4 will be made up of four rounds and 55 reps of each movement. This workout is designated as a 13 min AMRAP, so if you are able to get through it once before the 13 minute time-cap then you will start again on the deadlifts. If you watched the 16.4 announcement, both ladies were able to get back to the deadlifts which is incredible! 16.4 is a 13 min AMRAP:
  • 55 Deadlifts (225lbs/155lbs)
  • 55 Wallballs (20lbs/14 lbs)
  • 55 Cals on the Erg
  • 55 HSPU
In this workout you will want to make sure that you pace yourself and don’t go out too fast. If you burn out on the deadlifts the rest of the workout will be a struggle! This is a new rep scheme (55 reps of each movement), which makes having a good plan of attack crucial to your success. If you are a strong athlete with each of these movements then your goal should be to break up each movement into 3-4 sets. If you aren’t as proficient we recommend doing smaller sets with as little rest as possible to keep moving. Don't spend a lot of time in your transitions, you'll want to get to your next station and complete reps right away. Deadlifts: These deadlifts are relatively light for a stronger and experienced athlete. Breaking them up into 3-4 sets is a good goal if you have a strong deadlift. Otherwise break them up into smaller sets and keep moving.
Movement Series: The Deadlift

No better cure for the Monday's than picking up something heavy! Check out our latest Movement Series blog post on the Deadlift.

Posted by The FeedX on Monday, February 1, 2016
Wallballs: It's always tough to breathe on wallballs, but you need to! This movement will elevate the heart rate a lot, but breathing consistently will help regulate your heart rate before spiking it again on the Erg. Calories on the Erg: This portion of the workout will take up the most amount of time out of the four movements. Focus on getting a good leg drive to help save your shoulders for the HSPU. HSPU: IMG_1578 On the HSPU make sure you check out the standards on the Games site. This workout takes a bit of set up to make sure that everything is ready to go. Think about flexing your toes during the HSPU to make sure that your heels cross the line. If you have trouble getting your heels over the line, focus on getting your hands a bit closer to the wall or keeping your lower back off of the wall as it will make you shorter. 
Movement Series: Handstand Push Ups

16.4 is a 13 minute AMRAP! Brush up on your HSPU skills, we know you're going to crush the deadlifts, wallballs and row. Your handstand push ups will be the difference between a good score and a great score! #InTheOpen

Posted by The FeedX on Friday, March 18, 2016
Key points for this workout:
  • Move consistently through the deadlifts and the wallballs. These reps and movements may tire you out if not paced correctly. The bulk of the time spent in this workout will be during the Erg and HSPU.
  • Maintain your composure and keep chipping away at each movement. Do whatever you can to keep getting reps done to move you closer to the next round of 55 reps.
  • Good luck!