One of our favorite things is at The Feed is finding super cool new products that you need to try. Often times, these products are created by passionate athletes just like us. Breeze Bars, Rodeo Bars, Ally's Bar, Harmony Bar, Giddy Up Bar, to name a few. It's pretty rate when an actual Tour de France pro cyclist creates their own product, but that's exactly what Ted King did! Along with his love for cycling, plaid, and 200 mile bike rides, Ted really really likes maple syrup. So, he created UnTapped Energy to get #mapletothemasses! Everyone knows that maple syrup is awesome -- that pure fact. However, up until now no one has ever packaged 100% organic, pure Vermont maple syrup in an easy to use single serve package.

Untapped Maple Syrup:

[product_grid id="176195"] We know what you're thinking: "hang on, I'm allowed to eat maple syrup for breakfast and while I ride my bike?" The answer is definitively YES. UnTapped is made by boiling maple sap directly from the tree and putting it straight into the package. Being that it is unprocessed, you get all the natural benefits such as potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc as well as amino acids and antioxidants. Here is Ted, Jon, and Biju from Skratch Labs enjoying some maple syrup at the Tour of California: image2 copy Since we're so excited about this product, which Ted King obviously loves and uses every day, we figured we would ask him a few questions about how it all came to be: Everyone knows that you love maple syrup, but tell us how and why you decided to start untapped? It has been a work in progress for quite some time now. As a native New Englander, it has become a project of mine to proselytize the good word of all natural maple syrup as opposed to the nasty, corn syrup laden stuff called “maple flavored syrup” that taints breakfasts worldwide. Then, during the first 200 Not On 100 my good friends Tim Johnson, Ryan Kelly, and about two dozen other crazy cyclists joined us for a one-day, 200 mile ride across New England. With 100 miles yet to go atop the Kancamangus Highway, Tim had just cracked spectacularly, and we were conveniently met by a maple syrup wielding friend. Tim guzzled a small dose and was quickly storming the final few hours of the ride. Further research showed me that maple syrup is a terrific source of key amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, and trace vitamins. It soon dawned on me then that delicious, organic, single-ingredient maple syrup would be the ideal alternative to the artificially sweetened, colored, and flavored products in the sports nutrition market. From there it was just a matter of time before I met the Cochran family. They’re a multi-generational Olympic alpine skiers now making maple syrup in bucolic Vermont. Our teamwork has been perfect and UnTapped was born. As a professional Tour de France cyclist, when do you use maple syrup during training and racing? My love of maple syrup started at a young age at the breakfast table — oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, french toast are all just a vehicle for the liquid gold. But now knowing that maple syrup has tremendous nutritional value and is composed of just the right sugars to give a quick kick, as well as provide a longer burning carbohydrate as fuel, makes it the ideal treat on the bike. Training or racing, I’ll take an UnTapped shot right before the ride or well within the first hour or turning the pedals. On longer rides, I’m taking an UnTapped shot once every hour. You have done some prolific bike rides in your day (like 200 on 100), what is the most maple syrup you've consumed during one ride or race? Ha, yup, the 200 (Not) On 100 is a big day on the bike. I churning through nearly 10,000 calories all said and done. Maple syrup was a key component of the entire day — on the breakfast cereal; then hard maple candies, maple cookies, maple cotton candy, and of course a few… err, a lot of maple syrup shots helped fuel that ride, start to finish! What is the most common side affect of maple syrup consumption? Being fast and awesome. You also may find a newfound affinity for plaid. Pancakes or waffles? Do I want pancakes or waffles? Umm, yes please! Special thank you to Ted King for taking the time to answer our questions, although Ted did fail to correctly choose pancakes, which is a far superior maple syrup delivery platform to that of waffles!