Picky Bars are now available at The Feed, and we're really excited about it! Earlier this year, we asked you what you'd like to see added to our selection. Picky Bars were the #1 requested item, and it's pretty clear why. Picky Bars have everything you'd hope for in a bar, they're made with real food ingredients and also focused on fueling athletes for top performance.

Picky Bar:

[product_grid id="253164"] Why Picky? (The Picky Bars Story) A few years ago, Jesse Thomas was newly into his career as a professional triathlete. Training was ramping up, and along with the laundry and sweat puddles, so obviously was his calorie consumption. He quickly learned, with the help of his wife’s nose (pro runner Lauren Fleshman), that his body was not handling some of the fuel he was using for his workouts well. Gels and chews weren’t substantial enough, the sports bars on the market were full of unnatural ingredients that were tough on the digestive tract, and the “health food” options didn’t have the lasting power needed to fuel long training sessions. Below, Jesse winning his 5th consecutive Wildflower. (photo cred Kaori Photo) jesse thomas picky bar the feed thefeed.com So Lauren set out to make their own bar. Something easy to digest, with nutrition balanced for performance, and most of all, that tasted good! Lauren teamed up with friend and pro marathoner Steph Bruce, who has a laundry list of dietary needs (celiac disease, allergies, and a picky palate) and understood Jesse’s struggles of fueling top level performance. Gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, and artificiality OUT; Real food ingredients and a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio were IN. Together in the kitchen they experimented, calculated, mixed, and dreamt up what is now Picky Bars - with Jesse test-running (pun intended) each batch. picky bars product testing Every Picky Bar starts with the same framework: Dates, a nut or seed butter, rice protein, and crispy brown rice cereal (to lighten it up and give a little crunch!) Then each flavor gets unique mix ins - nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, coffee, etc - added in just the right combination that hits the 200 calorie, 28g carbs, 7g protein, 7g fat sweet spot. 75% of the sugars are from fruit sources, with the rest coming from chocolate and agave or honey; this delivers just the right blend of quick and long-lasting energy, while still maintaining a level blood sugar. The fats and protein provide a satiation level uncommon to other quick fuel sources, without ever weighing you down. Aint nobody got time for lugging a gut-bomb around during a workout! Picky Bars Ingredient Science There are six (soon to be seven) flavors to choose from, with a variety of flavor profiles ranging from nutty sweet, to mocha hazelnut, to what can only be described as the top of a freshly baked blueberry muffin. Whether you’re looking for your next pre-workout, on-the-ride, or between meal snack, give them a try! picky bars 1 Questions? Ask us below in the comments! To order Picky Bars today, click here!