It's been a long time coming, but we're thrilled to announce that we're now shipping Perfect Bar! Perfect Bar is one of the most unique "energy bars" we've ever tried, and we hesitate to call it an "energy bar". Perfect Bar is more like a meal replacement bar that is packed with great ingredients and the best taste and texture that we've tried in a very long time.

Perfect Bar:

[product_grid id="339521"] It's no surprise that we're excited about a bar that has great ingredients, in fact, we only really promote the products that have great ingredients - because that's what athletes need, that's what you deserve. The Perfect Bar byline goes like this:
  • Non-GMO, because obviously.
  • Sweetened only with Honey.
  • Packed with high-quality whole food protein.
  • Built with 20 "super-foods" in every bar.
  • Certified organic and gluten-free.
  • Kosher.
That's not where the good news stops. Perfect Bar is a refrigerated and perishable product, which allows Perfect Bar to blend their bars with healthy oils and creates a texture that is more like nut butter than an "energy bar". What this all adds up to is a product that we're thrilled to offer, and HIGHLY recommend you trying with your next shipment from The Feed. To purchase Perfect Bar, visit the Perfect Bar product page: Perfect Bar Perfect Bar Vegan Perfect Bar Mini