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We're thrilled to announce our second product innovation at The Feed: Lifestyle Gels (TM). We take customer feedback extremely seriously here at The Feed. We were surprised to find that 97% of respondents in our 2015 annual survey that they would like the eat gels while making xerox copies, doing their taxes, or celebrating their 43rd birthday by dancing under a disco ball. After receiving that feedback, we created a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign that helped us raise $40,000,000 (CAD) to create our newest product, Lifestyle Gels (TM). Our Ah-ha Moment: During this lengthy process, we had our very own "ah-ha" moment when we realized that we also needed an energy gel to sustain our lifestyles while not destroying world records in every athletic discipline. We have a few staff members who both recently ran a 1 hour 35 minute marathon (26.3 miles) but later bonked hard while getting tacos at T|ACO in Boulder. We now call this our "serendipity hallucination" which will be re-told on the back of every Lifestyle Gels (TM) wrapper. During the market research process, we also noticed dozens athletes in Boulder who were bonking at happy hour despite setting 3-5 world records during training. One athlete, who we can't name due to a sponsor conflict, had just finished an Ironman distance training session in 6 hours and 3 minutes...only to be completely demoralized that he could not finish happy hour with friends. The athlete has since eBay'd his race bikes and is considering retirement.

Lifestyle Gels:

[product_grid id="355203"] The Feed's Lifestyle Gels (TM) are available immediately* and come in 6 flavors:
  • Stone Washed
  • Pleated Khaki
  • Plaid
  • Bell Bottom
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Corduroy
How to pick your Lifestyle Gel (TM) flavor: Stone Washed: You have impeccable taste in denim and insist on keeping your mullet since the 1993 Megadeath concert at Rock In Rio II in Brazil. 12 Stone Washed gels will fit perfectly into the side door of a 1983 Pontiac Firebird. Pleated Khaki: Your friends tell you that you should try new things more often, but you know they are zealous risk-takers. You're happy with your personal style and love to mix-in untucked Chicago Cubs tee-shirts on Friday. Go cubbies! Plaid: These gels are designed to fit into the mesh top pouch of your Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag while you're traveling to a trade-show in Chicago. Remember that while you're dropping into the local climbing gym, let them know you warm up on 5.12 and that you'll be spending 2 weeks at Indian Creek later in April. Bell Bottom: Big hair and swinging hips are the traits that everyone recognizes as uniquely YOU. To you, Saturday Night Fever has nothing on Roller Boogie. Skinny Jeans: The last time you purchased a Starbucks coffee was never. Everyone in your high-school class looks up to you now because you have impeccable style in eye-glasses you don't need. You own a $7,000 commuter bike that was custom designed based on your inseam so that you could quickly throw a leg over it during your commute. Corduroy: This flavor is exclusive to people named Rob Corddry. Please do not order this flavor unless your name is Rob Corddry. Our Design and Development Process: As you might imagine, starting our own line of energy gels wasn't something we could do without the help of an expert. In this case, we turned to fashion consultant Juiced Kling. Juiced was the ideal choice given his 40+ years experience in designing high fashion. Fashion was our primary concern knowing that we could literally put anything in the gels and everyone would love them...flavor was irrelevant, but product design was not! Juiced's thoughts on the development process:
The design process for this product was a challenge that transcended my previous experiences in fashion. While designing for high-fashion is always 3 dimensional, this project was 4 dimensional given that the product would ALSO be consumed by the user. I must give thanks to my associate Figueroa Stompkins who specializes in edible underwear. The process resulted in creating 5 flavors which follow personal profiles for the user. The Feed is all about personalization and service, this was a natural extension that I knew would hit the market like a bull driving an F-350.
Introductory Promotional Offers: For a limited time only, we're seeding the market with The Feed's Lifestyle Gels (TM) by offering you the chance to purchase 800 Lifestyle Gels (TM) and save 1% on your order. You'll also receive free shipping when you capitalize on this limited time offer. HURRY, the offer won't last forever hence the "limited time" written before the word "offer" in this paragraph. What this means is that you will not be able to purchase 800 gels and save 1% forever. It means that eventually, at some later date which we are not going to list here, you will not be able to purchase 800 Lifestyle Gels (TM) and save 1%. Wholesale Inquiries: Contact Juiced Kling by emailing No calls please. Press Inquiries: Contact Juiced Kling by emailing No calls please. *Please expect 48 weeks for delivery of your first order of Lifestyle Gels (TM).