At The Feed, we're big fans of beef jerky. We're not big fans of the stuff you usually find at your local convenience store though...tough, chewy and flavored artificially. Enter Krave, who produces some of the best jerky that we've ever tried.

Krave Beef Jerky:

[product_grid id="171762"][product_grid id="171671"] Forget about what you think you know about beef jerky, Krave is super tender and full of flavor. Krave uses 100% lean cuts of meat and avoids nitrates and artificial flavors entirely. The flavor selection is outstanding. Not your every day jerky, Krave comes in delicious options like Black Cherry BBQ, Basil Citrus, Garlic Chili Pepper, and Pineapple Orange, just to name a few! This amazing gourmet jerky is the better-for-you snack that will satisfy hunger and strengthen muscles. Bonus: You accidentally crushed one of these 1.5 ounce packs in one sitting because you couldn't stop eating? No biggie! Only 130 delicious calories per serving. You can shop all Krave products by clicking here!