Use code 'BBChew' to receive a free sample while supplies last. Perennial "Feed staff and customer favorite" Bonk Breaker has been making energy bars with a commitment to using good ingredients and real food for the past 10 years. It has definitely paid off, their Peanut Butter & Banana bar was our 2nd largest selling SKU in 2015. Some of us here at The Feed are also strangely addicted to that flavor, so perhaps the numbers are skewed by our snacking! :)

Bonk Breaker Chews:

[product_grid id="207267"] This week Bonk Breaker is making big news with the announcement of a new Bonk Breaker energy chew that was developed with the help of Bonk Breaker's pro athletes, staff and customers. Given Bonk Breaker's strong focus on quality ingredients, we're really excited to get the new product in the hands of our customers for race day. Utilizing caffeine from a clean source of white tea and 15g of organic sugar, these round, tasty gummies will give you the burst of energy you need to fuel your workout. Each flavor is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Clean fuel and quick energy, you’re going to be glad you have these chews on hand. Chris Frank, co-founder of Bonk Breaker and category 1 road cyclist answered a few questions about the new product via email. 1. Bonk Breaker is known for it's focus on real food ingredients and "stuff you can pronounce", which is something we love at The Feed. What's the process you go through in deciding what your ingredients will be? That’s a great question that you really just answered! First, we believe in using natural ingredients that your body can recognize as real food. Second, we believe in simplicity. We don’t think it takes 30 or 40 ingredients that so many products use. 9-12 ingredients is our target. With those principles in mind for every Bonk Breaker product, our objective is to then combine core ingredients that result in fantastic, fresh flavors, but also achieve our technical objectives and nutritional balance that drive performance. We have found that core ingredients including certain nuts, fruits, gluten-free oats, honey, and rice products, achieve our “artistic” goal of great flavor, but also appeal to our “geek” objective of great nutritional balance. 2. Your bars rely heavily on rice based carb and protein sources, which also makes the product gluten free. What's the reason behind choosing rice based ingredients over other options? The simple answer is that the gluten-free rice products we use are a great alternative to wheat flour or non-rice protein sources like soy, whey, and wheat that can cause irritation to digestive systems - especially in athletes who are gluten-intolerant. In addition, rice products have a neutral flavor profile that blends well and doesn’t result in the aftertaste that so many products - especially protein bars - can have. We believe it’s one of the reasons that so many other products are covered in chocolate or other coatings - to mask bad aftertastes. What doesn’t taste good covered in chocolate! 3. As athletes yourselves, it seems like the newest addition to your product line is focused on addressing a specific need for yourself or Bonk Breaker athletes. Why expand out of bars and into the chew / gel / sugary stuff category? All of the products that we have developed - first our energy bars and then our protein bars - have been driven by feedback and demand directly from Team Bonk Breaker athletes and from our customers. Both groups are really a perfect R&D department. With that said, as we have explored all of the different areas of nutrition that can impact high performance and an active lifestyle, we felt that we had the best opportunity to create a special and very unique product in the chew category. The specific need that chews can meet is to provide a quick, convenient, and very easy to eat and digest performance product. In particular, we’ve seen huge demand for this product from runners, triathletes, and interestingly enough professional football players and our collegiate athletic partners. As far as the “sugary stuff” part, our goal is to provide athletes a quick, clean fuel source, which inherently comes from  simple carbohydrates. With that being said, as we developed the chews recipe, we specifically chose ingredients that are all non-GMO certified, organic, and real, and the sugar sources we do use are good ones! 4. Bonk Breaker has strong ties to Triathlon, including 4 time Ironman World Champion Miranda Carfrae. How do you involve your athletes in new product development? To a person, every athlete that we work with was a user of our products before we formalized any kind of relationship. Jason and I are constantly getting flavor and nutrition ideas from our athletes and we always try to incorporate them into our favorite job - getting into the test kitchen to whip up new products!  Whenever we are trying out a new product we actively involve key athletes and teams into the testing process. It can be difficult sometimes, but we always push them to give us totally unfiltered feedback regarding flavor, nutrition, and the most important question - how did the product work? One of the final pieces to the puzzle is having our athletes tell us that they really look forward to eating our products while training, in competition, or for recovery. In other words they trust the nutrition and know it works, but they love the flavor and see our products as real food. Bonk Breaker Chews are the best example yet of athlete involvement and feedback. Our athletes asked us for real ingredients (of course!) so we made our chews non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic. They asked for electrolytes so we made a 2-serving packet have 240mg vs the typical 120mg or less.  It wasn’t easy getting it done and took us a year to formulate, but we think we nailed it with their help! 5. In less than 20 words, tell us how an athlete should be using the new Bonk Breaker (chew) product? Nibble on Chews during training or competition - a 180 calorie packet per hour combined with proper hydration and you’re set. The Feed would like to thank Chris for responding to our questions with such great answers! If you have any questions about Bonk Breaker or their new chews, go ahead and ask them in the comments below, or email HELLO@THEFEED.COM and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!  Use code 'BBChew' to receive a free sample while supplies last.