Written by Bryan at The Feed. At the end of last year, I wrote a simple blog post "8 Rules For Athletes In 2015". If you haven't read that short post, I recommend taking 5 minutes to read it and think about how you can take action on my suggestions. For now, I'll expand on the first point listed:
  1. There are no shortcuts. If you think that a pill or a "fad" diet is the answer, think again. Fitness is achieved with commitment and hard work that focuses on perfecting your diet over the course of years.
Every January there are millions new year resolutions focused on losing weight, getting healthier, and breaking bad habits. It shouldn't be a surprise that every year has a new diet and exercise plan that everyone tries out in an attempt to get healthier. We're even advocating that you try one or two "diets" with us. However, there's a key distinction between participating in a "dietary challenge" and trying out a new "diet" for the new year. The primary reason why we advocate the Clean Challenge or the Prescribe Nutrition Prescribe 20 is that those programs get you out of your current routine for a short period of time. What this allows you do to is break your normal routine and figure out what ingredients or dietary habits make you feel or perform poorly. If you never eliminate certain ingredients from your diet, how will you know if it makes you feel bad? You won't. You will eventually accept feeling bad as feeling normal. This really encapsulates why I wrote our #1 "tip" for athletes. There aren't short cuts to getting better, and the process takes years of perfecting diet and fueling strategies that work well for you. In 2015, take the time think about a doing a diet "challenge", we think you'll be happy you did. Remember: the first step in the lifelong process of getting better is still a single step. Go for it!