GRANOLA! PALEO! VEGANS! & MORE! There is a TON of new stuff now stocked on The Feed shelves and ready to ship to your mouth! 1. EPIC BAR: Epic Bar Is the EPIC Bar a Trick or Treat?  We were skeptical of a bar that is named Epic. I mean, isn't everything "Like totally epic, yo" these days? So yeah, we got some samples of these EPIC Bars, skeptically bit into the Bison Bacon Cranberry and... oh wow. Oh! Wow! These guys did something right, and it was everything that has to do with making a bar like nothing we've ever tasted. There is no reason, unless you're vegetarian, and we totally respect that choice but you're missing out, not to have these bars in your box. 2. Kind Bars & Granola Cluster Kind Bar KINDa Crazy Awesome. When we decided to start carrying nutrition that is good for things more than riding a bike and running like a mad man there was one piece of food we all instantly agreed on: Kind. When you eat a Kind bar you feel guilty for knowing you don't need to feel guilty enjoying such a delicious snack. We would actually choose to eat these for dessert. There is no taste sacrificed to make these bars totally nutritious with ingredients you can not only pronounce but see. 3. Thunderbird Energetica Thunderbird Hooooooo! THUNDERBIRD ENERGETICA HOOOOOOOOO! Made by the folks who make Epic, Thunderbird is the Yin to Epic's Yang.  If Epic is the ultimate Paleo bar, then the Shaman blessed Thunderbird is totally vegan. Yes, they are not only agave-free, soy-free, gluten-free, raw, all natural, with no added sugars, vegan, handmade, and non-GMO, but blessed by Shamans. Can you ask for anymore more? Oh yes you can: the wrapper is 100% compostable. And even though Thunderbird Energetica bars are free of a million things one thing they're not free of is ingredients, flavor and amazingness. These bars are mouthwatering yum.   Do you want your favorites stocked? Well awesome, because we want to stock your favorites! E-mail us, let us know and we'll do our darnedest to get it.