National Women's Health and Fitness Day

Happy National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! I love any excuse to celebrate being a woman, and to encourage other women who, like me, are trying their best to live an active and healthy lifestyle. I’ve always loved the outdoors. Being a Colorado girl I spent my childhood hiking, skiing, biking and generally celebrating this beautiful state. However, since working at The Feed my love for all things active and outdoorsy has only increased. While I’m not breaking any records or standing atop any podiums, I am seeking joy through adventure, whatever that looks like for me. I have run and cycled more miles this year than I ever imagined I could. I’ve tried new things like rock climbing and backcountry skiing. I’m still working on my yoga handstand and I’ve yet to sign up for the half marathon that is so intimidating to me. I try to eat kale at least once a day and I have a water bottle permanently attached to my hand. I’ve decided that working out is more fun with friends. I like my activities to be with others, to build relationships on the trail, on the bike, or on the chairlift. I’ve grown in strength and confidence. I’ve learned about my capabilities and my limitations. I’ve had a year with ups and downs but ultimately I’ve had a year of fully accepting who I am, and I want to share that with you. I’ve realized that I’m never going to be the fastest, skinniest, strongest or fittest girl in the room, but you know what? I’m going to be the most ME. Once you stop the game of comparison it frees you to step fully into your own skin. Maybe you’re an elite cyclist, maybe you’re just starting to train for your first 5k, maybe you’re young, maybe you’re old, but you know what? Go You! Go for it, because trust me, you are capable of much more than you believe yourself to be. To all you active ladies, wherever you may be today, get outside and celebrate that you have a body that can move. Soak up the sun today and give yourself an extra squeeze because you’re a woman, you’re you, and that rocks. Whether it’s an evening trail run, an epic weekend century, or crushing the back bowls on my skis, here’s what I’m munching on these days. Bonk Breaker: The Peanut Butter and Jelly and the Peanut Butter and Banana are my go to’s. I prefer the PB&J in the bite size, and the full size PB&Banana. Is there a more classic or delicious combination than these? I’m always excited to eat one when I pull it out of my pocket or backpack. Great flavor, gluten-free, and hearty so they can sustain my biggest hikes and rides. Enduro Bites: Fig & Dark Chocolate: These have changed cycling for me. I love the convenience of the 4 bite-size pieces. Each one is 100 calories which makes keeping track of my fueling so simple. The fruit sugar gives me the quick hit of energy when I need it and lasts throughout my workouts. Pro Tip, if you only use one or two squares keep the rest in your fridge to maintain freshness.  Purely Elizabeth Granola: I do not mess around when it comes to breakfast. It is my favorite meal. I find so much joy in taking time to prepare gourmet omelettes, veggie breakfast tacos, decadent quinoa flakes loaded with fruits and nuts, or power protein pancakes. But some days I don’t have that luxury. On the (not so rare) occasion that I sleep in past my alarm and I’m late to work I grab a yogurt and then fancy it up with some granola. It’s the perfect way to brighten my morning. The crunch, the flavor, the’s a delicious way to take care of yourself. Chia Seeds: Little teeny tiny chia, how I love you. I add chia seeds to my smoothies, oatmeal, salads and even frozen yogurt (my guilty pleasure!). Their hydrating power is incredible. Your body functions so much better when it’s properly hydrated and if I don’t drink enough from my bottles these seeds help lend moisture when I need it. The Health Warrior chia bars are the perfect thing before my runs, they are low calorie and easily digestible. And when I snack on them at work I never feel guilty about eating two. Because who wants to have to choose between Banana Nut or Dark Chocolate Cherry?! Osmo Women’s Hydration and Recovery: Stacy Sims is looking out for us. She understands active women and she created products that work WITH the intricacies of our bodies and not against them. I train with her active hydration in my bottles and replenish with the recovery. I shake it up with almond milk (when I’m feeling fancy I’ll blend in some nut butter and a banana) after my hard workouts, or when I know I have back-to-back training days coming up. Hello muscles! Vega Maca Chocolate Bar: Because chocolate.