Movement Series: The Power Clean

The Power Clean is a movement in which the bar is pulled from the floor and received in the front rack position above parallel. A Power Clean can be performed from the floor, or from a hang position. It is often easier to learn the movement from the hang position and even with a set of dumbbells before progressing to a barbell and pulling from the floor. The Clean is one of the Olympic lifts.    Starting Position: -The bar will start on the floor -While your hands are on the bar your chest should be up (with shoulders pulled back and down and triceps flexed), your hips should be lower than your shoulders and your knees will be slightly in front of the bar -Grip  on the bar should be about a thumbs distance outside of your hips -There should be tension in the hamstrings -Gaze should be neutral with forward -Feet should be hip width with weight towards the middle of the foot [caption id="attachment_349420" align="aligncenter" width="225"][/caption] Movement: The Power Clean can be broken down into three separate pulls, and we will break them all down. Throughout the movement the shoulders should stay engaged and the bar should stay close to the body. 1st pull: The first pull is pulling the bar from the ground to mid-knee. On this pull the knees will move slightly back to allow for a straight bar path and the shoulders and hips will rise at the same time. 2nd pull: The second pull is pulling the bar from mid-knee to position 1 or the power position (this is where the bar is in your “pockets” and your knees are still bent). The arms are still almost straight during this pull and the bar will brush the thighs on the way up. The torso will come to an upright position at the end of the pull. 3rd pull: Once the lifter has completed the second pull you will then jump straight up with the bar and pull yourself under the bar, driving the elbows high and outside and shooting them through to create a front rack position. Because this is a power clean the bar will be caught in the front rack position above parallel. The receiving position for a Power Clean is above parallel. Make sure to drive the hips and butt back to catch the bar in a stable position. [caption id="attachment_349422" align="aligncenter" width="225"][/caption]

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