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The Front Squat is a movement in which the barbell is held in the front rack position, and the lifter moves through a full squat. The dynamics of the squat are the same as the back squat, but the bar is in the front rack position rather than in the back rack position.  Front squats translate great to the clean and the Olympic lifts in general. Starting Position: A clean is usually used to get the bar into the front rack position to start the front squat, or a squat rack can be used.  If using a squat rack make sure the barbell is set up at collar bone height. -Feet should be about shoulder width apart with weight towards the heels -The barbell should be in the front rack position (elbows high and barbell resting on the shoulders. You should be able to create a “shelf” that the barbell rests on with your deltoids and chest) -Elbows should be high -Hands can be fully wrapped around the bar or the bar can be rolled into the fingertips -Gaze should be neutral -Start with a tight core [caption id="attachment_349285" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Front rack position with the barbell rolled into the fingertips. Front rack position with the barbell rolled into the fingertips.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_349284" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Removing the bar from the rack for the front squat. Removing the bar from the rack for the front squat.[/caption] Movement: -Initiate the movement by sending the hips back and down -Elbows should stay high throughout the squat (to help keep the elbows high you can roll the barbell into 2-3 fingers instead of having a full grip on the bar) -Keep the chest tall throughout the squat -Drive the knees out and push the hips forward to come up from the bottom of the squat [caption id="attachment_349286" align="aligncenter" width="225"]The bottom position of the front squat. The bottom position of the front squat.[/caption]