During the month of December, and into early January we held a The Great Winter Giveaway Contest. The premise was simple, show us your best winter training photo, get votes, and then win awesome stuff from Castelli, Bonk Breaker and The Feed. Leading the pack, and getting a ridiculous amount of votes was East End Cycling Club's Paul Carberry from Pittsburgh, PA. Carberry TT We took some time to get to know Paul beyond his winning photo (pictured below), and in addition to the fact that his last name includes two things we're very fond of, Carb's and Berries, we are totally excited to crown him the winter of The Great Winter Giveaway. Here's Paul's winning photo(s), and a little more about our champion: Winner Winner! Paul C. Tell us, how do you train to dominate races, and look so good while doing it? I ride outside as often as possible, climb the 36 flights of the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning (aka The Cathedral of Pain), and spend countless hours in teammates basements spinning through Sufferfest or Pain Cave videos. I recently added running and swimming to my plan, and am very thankful that the pool is only 4 feet deep.   Now that you're a champion. What keeps you riding and racing? Getting to drink a delicious 12 oz. sponsor-provided PBR after every race. Yes, I finish every race and team training session with 12 oz. curls of team-sponsored Pabst Blue Ribbon. It keeps your strong.   Where's the first place you're going to wear your awesome gear and utilize the amazing powers granted to you from consuming Bonk Breakers and the goodies in your Feed Box? I am going to have to break the Castelli gear in fast and show all the sweet new swag to my friends and co-workers.  So, this is my game plan: I'll get into my Honda Pilot from Shadyside Honda, stop at one of the many Pittsburgh area Coffee Tree Roasters for either a Macchiato or a Skinny Vanilla Latte. Then off to the office where I will change into full kit in order to show my colleagues to see my massive quads so they know who they're dealing with in the event there is ever a disagreement for the last donut in the break room! Then, on the following Saturday, me and my mates ride we call The Guy’s Run Loop. If I am feeling frisky, I might even throw in my kryptonite climb, Mill Dam Road, which after consuming the perfect ride food from The Feed, I will probably have no problem. When we finish, back to Corporate HQ where I will hand out Bonk Breakers Bars as if they were cigars celebrating a newborn baby!  I'll finish off the day with a stop at the best bike shop in the 412 area code, Big Bang Bicycles.  The final stop with be for a post ride feast at my favorite dining establishment, Point Brugge Cafe, for some Belgian Mussels and Frites, washed down with some tasty Belgian suds. Yum. (Can you guess who our team sponsors are?)    What's is your proudest moment on the bike?   My first race ever was a few years ago at the Allegheny Cycling Association’s Bud Harris ½ mile Oval track here in Pittsburgh. I finished 6 laps done in that first Criterium. The first very first time I didn’t get lapped in that race series and finished with the pack has been my greatest accomplishment so far on the bike, you should have seen the smile on my face.  There was one hell of a party in parking lot post-race.  My plan this year is regular Top 10 finishes.  Look out Johnnie Mac! (A #1 wheel sucker)    What's is your proudest moment in life? Having the strongest woman I know as a partner, great step-kids, an awesome family and the best group of teammates money can buy.   Tell us. What are your quirks? I keep attempting to grow a hipster beard with no success.  I have a dog, Griffin DaKilla, who really likes trucks, and expresses his anger issues and support for opposable thumbs on his Facebook page. If you'd like to follow him, let me know.   Now that you have no excuse to not train your butt off this winter, what are your 2014 goals? I want to say “keep devastating the competition”.  But really, I just want to get better every day. I want to train hard, and go like hell.  As for more specific goals: Finish a consistent Top 10 in the Allegheny Cycling Association’s Bud Harris ½ mile oval Criterium series. Continue to improve my Time Trialing skills.  Start, Not Drowned and Finish a sprint triathlon with my fiancée.  Learn to race effectively at the new Island200 Velodrome here in Pittsburgh. And last but not least, make my East End Cycling Club teammates feel they are on the best damn team in Pittsburgh. Crit Carberry You got a lot of votes. So you seem to have one hell of a team supporting you. So yes, tell us about East End Cycling Club.  East End Cycling Club, sponsored by Big Bang Bicycles is a 40 member, Pittsburgh-based fellowship of kindred riding spirits, united in their interest in having fun and riding fast in Pennsylvania, Ohio and the parts of West Virginia that our team has no restraining orders issued.  I am the President and one of the founding members of the club. Some team highlights: Allegheny Cycling Association - Bud Harris “C” Champions 2011 Tour of Strongland Team Champions 2012, 2013 Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series - 2013 Season Series 50-59 Age Group - Podium Sweep 1/2/3 Couldn’t be prouder of my teammates and the effort they put in by dragging my butt around the track: Jimmy the Brain, El Jefe, Preacher Man, The Wizard of Sassafras, KDub, The General, Bossman, Preacher Man, Diamond Dave, Tommy CrowBar, Hellboy, The Professor, Tall Paul, Dapper Dan, The Assassin, Power Meder, Searchin’ Destroy, and a whole bunch of other great teammates that don't have nicknames yet.