From our home state of Colorado comes Wild Zora, a new take on healthy beef and veggie snacks. We'll be the first to admit that like other meat based bars, we weren't sure what these would taste like. The truth is that they are very good, with three great flavors to choose from. In 2011, Zora and her family were looking for healthy snacks that wouldn't leave them hungry again after 45 minutes. They started learning more about gluten free, paleo, and primal food. Since Zora and her family always considered meat and veggies a complete meal, they set out to fix the problem. Zora writes, "we started to mix and dehydrate 100% grass-fed beef from a local rancher along with fresh vegetables from our garden. We discovered that we could make super tasty meat and veggie snacks that our family really enjoyed!" Two years later Zora and crew made it official and started producing Wild Zora Beef and Veggie Bars out of their own USDA certified kitchen in Loveland Colorado.

Wild Zora Beef and Veggie Snacks:

[product_grid id="167521"] Wild Zora bars have to be tasted to be believed. Trust us, you might approach them with trepidation but one bite and you’ll be hooked! These are the best of both worlds, you’re getting 8 grams of protein from the 100% grass-fed beef as well as nutrients from veggies like red bell peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers and kale, all held together with dried apricots. Amazing flavors like Parmesan & Basil, Spicy Cayenne or Hickory BBQ are savory and satisfying. The bars are thin, packing tons of nutrition into only 55 calories per bar. Gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and dairy-free the bars are nothing you don’t need and everything you want. Hats off, Zora and Josh, you’ve done good!