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Jodi Barr, the namesake of Mrs. Barr’s Granola is a Colorado adventurer through and through. Living in the beautiful mountains of Basalt, Colorado Mrs. Barr has a passion for the outdoors, for health and wellness, and for doing good. We are obsessed with her clean, whole-food granola and bars, and wanted to know more about the lovely lady behind it all. Mrs. Barr farmers market “I love to be outdoors and enjoy skiing in the winter, and hiking year round. I also SUP (stand up paddle) on the local rivers and lakes, road bike, and surf on vacations to Hawaii. I also have a passion for natural health and eating right. I love to read about remedies for natural healing, and to share what I learn with family and friends.” Well, she decided to share her homemade granola with family and friends, and boy are we glad she did! Originally running a preschool for 12 years, Mrs. Barr wanted to bring a healthier snack alternative to her kids. My motivation was providing healthy snacks for the children and ones they could help make.” After baking, refining, and lots of testing Mrs. Barr came up with a high-quality granola that used great ingredients, and she could feel good about giving to the kids.  “I use premium ingredients that I taste test for flavor and quality.  My honey comes from a small bee keeper local to my area and my maple syrup comes from a small farm in Michigan, friends of my family. I am always looking for ways to improve my ingredients rather than find lower quality ingredients for less. I'm working toward more organic ingredients, non-gmo and ways to ensure our products have only health beneficial ingredients.” The soft, chewy texture is unique in the world of overly-crunchy and bland granola. The flavors pop, the nuts and fruits add the perfect crunch, and it practically melts in your mount. You will NOT want to stop eating this granola. As with any new venture, Mrs. Barr wears many hats as she establishes her brand and grows her company. “When I decided to start my company I was baking in my own kitchen and selling to a local Farmer's Market.  Now I have a 1000 square foot commercial facility that I bake, process and make deliveries from. The biggest challenge is trying to keep my costs down and also learning all the in and outs of being a wholesale manufacturer while also doing sales and marketing.”  Her heart is big, she started baking with others in mind, and that selflessness still drives her business today. “I have an incredible staff of bakers, packagers and demo-ers that make this company happen.  My goal is to keep a facility in Basalt and support my local community.  I have a lot of moms that work for me part time and also employee some teenagers that actually use to be in my preschool. I give 10% of proceeds to organizations that benefit children. Currently we support an orphanage in Haiti and give to different local organizations.” Mrs. Barr production Mrs. Barr workers   Her granola comes in 7 mouth-watering flavors like Gone Nuts, So Sweet Cranberry/Almond, Mtn. Buzzz Raspberry, and Tart Cherry/Pecan. They are all free of refined sugars, getting their sweetness only from local honey. The high-quality ingredients lend great flavor and clean fuel to power you up for whatever adventures are in your future. Good for kids, good for your belly, and good tasting, these granolas are a knockout. If you aren’t in the mood for granola, you can grab some of her granola bars, the D-Barr and N-Barr. So, with all these delicious products does she have a favorite? “It's hard for me to pick a favorite, it depends what I'm in the mood for. My customer's favorites are the Tart cherry Pecan Granola, The Gone Nuts and Strawberry Mtn. Buzzz.  Also my d-barr granola bars are my #1 best selling product.” We don’t think you can go wrong with any of them! Try some Mrs. Barr’s Granola in your next Feed.

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