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Editor's Note: Here at the Feed we love energy bars. A lot. We carry over 60 different bars from 35 brands, and that list is growing quickly every week. For us, it's not just about the bars, but also the people behind them. The standouts on our shelves are awesome tasting bars, home-cooked by athletes just like us. It is not an exaggeration to say “home-cooked” either, we literally place orders over the phone with all types of athletes, who put on their aprons and make their bars for us. The common theme among all of these passionate athlete-turned-chefs? The products on the market didn’t work, so they took it upon themselves to make a better bar. In this series of blog posts, we will feature a few of the culinary (and athletic) masterminds behind brands that you maybe haven’t heard of, but definitely need to try. Meet Your (Energy Bar) Maker: Brian Cornelius of R Bar Organic. 

Just like many of the bars we carry, RBar is largely hand made by a small team of people in Tucson, Arizona, led by Brian Cornelius. Brian is a passionate category 1 cyclist who started making RBars so that he’d have something that he liked to eat during rides. Makes sense, right?

“The truth is that there was a bar that I really liked way back in the day, I can’t even recall the name, but one day they stopped making the bars. I sort of freaked out and realized that I had to go around and buy as many as I could find! That was what drove me to start making my own bars.”

RBars are purposely made with 7 ingredients or less. For example, here’s the list for the lemon poppyseed flavor: Organic dates, organic cashews, organic lemon flavor, organic poppy seeds, and organic lemon peel. That’s a great list of real, easy-to-digest food, crafted into a great tasting bar.

“I’m really focused on making a bar that people actually want to eat, that is also made from good ingredients. Just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it should be candy, or a cheaply made product with poor nutritional value. RBar is that balance between great taste and nutrition crafted into one well rounded snack.  I’m also really proud that we’ve gone through the strenuous USDA certified organic process. Every RBar made today is certified organic.”

As you might imagine, Brian has spent tons of time in the kitchen testing and making RBars. He mentioned to us that during the early years, he went through 5 or 6 blenders from Bed, Bath and Beyond!

“I think I’ve personally made around 150,000 bars in total. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I’m really excited to have a great product out there that is making a difference for athletes like myself.”

A huge thank you to Brian for taking the time to talk to us about RBar. If you want to give RBars a shot (highly recommended), add them to your Feed here:

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