Editor’s Note: Here at the Feed we love energy bars. A lot. At the time this was written, we carry over 75 different bars from 45 brands, and that list is growing quickly every week. For us, it’s not just about the bars, but also the people behind them. The standouts on our shelves are awesome tasting bars, home-cooked by athletes just like us. It is not an exaggeration to say “home-cooked” either, we literally place orders over the phone with all types of athletes, who put on their aprons and make their bars for us. The common theme among all of these passionate athlete-turned-chefs? The products on the market didn’t work, so they took it upon themselves to make a better bar. In this series of blog posts, we will feature a few of the culinary (and athletic) masterminds behind brands that you maybe haven’t heard of, but definitely need to try. Originally from Etna, California, Ally Stacher was born with an innate sense of adventure and a zeal for life. She's an amazing athlete and has competed across multiple disciplines, from rodeo to wrestling to rock climbing to cycling. A wrist injury during college kept her off the wrestling mat so she decided to cross-train by doing some bike riding. She quickly feel back in love with the feeling of being on two-wheels. She did some collegiate bike racing and eventually got picked up by an elite team. She's raced for the US National team, competed in the Gira Rosa and the Tour of Flanders, and watched the growth of women's cycling as she made her way from Webcor Professional Cycling, to HTC-Highroad, and is now settling in with the Optum Professional Cycling team. A bad-ass chick on the bike, she's equally as impressive in the kitchen. Knowing the importance of fueling correctly she began making her own ride and racing food. The positive response was overwhelming, and her biggest supporters encouraged her to finally create Ally's Bars. "At our team camp leading into 2013 I had a lot of positive feedback from my family, friends, teammates and even sponsors. Everyone seemed to really like my product and really pushed me to make it for the masses. Carmen Small was my roommate for camp and we brain stormed different names for the bar in our room one night until we simply came up with ‘Ally’s bar." It might be a simple name, but these bars are anything but simple. Complex flavors and ingredients, they are delicious and pack some serious nutrition. "I chose my ingredients not only because they taste great, but largely because it’s all high quality ingredients that fuel your body at the highest level. The bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, vegan-friendly and pretty much all organic." She's faced challenges and had to learn the importance of patience when you decide to embark on the adventure of creating your own bar. "There are so many moving pieces in the food business puzzle.  Every little thing has to be approved and certified.  Everything takes time and never moves as fast as you want it to. Creating a bar business isn’t easy, but has been super fulfilling seeing your product and project take flight. It has been a tremendous learning experience." IMG_2901 We're glad she took the leap and decided to create her own bar, and after you try one we think you will be too! [product_grid id="167614"]