What exactly is an SiS Isotonic Gel?  What's a Go Nitrate? What are nitrates? My legs get tired, what's the best way to refresh my legs for back-to-back days? How long should you eat before a ride? What's the best type of SiS nutrition for climbing days? What about trail runs? What's better for short intense rides? What's your ideal breakfast before a long day? All great questions, and now they can be answered.This Thursday, August 15th, from 3-4pm EST on The Feed Facebook Page we're holing a live Q&A with SiS Sports Nutritionist, Jill Leckey.  

This is Jill:

1000109_524936890895509_1184022103_n How it works: Look for the above picture of Jill posted on The Feed Facebook Page. Then simply type in your question to the comments box. Jill will then go through the questions in real time, and respond to them. (She'll tag your name, so you will be notified that you're getting a response.) Since we're packing SiS Go Gels in upcoming Feed Boxes, we want to make sure you know everything about some of the worlds best nutrition products.  If you have any questions, and won't be able to make the live chat with SiS's Jill Leckey, e-mail us your questions and we'll pass them along: hello@thefeed.com