Thanks for checking out Kona Kase. We've had some exciting things going on! Mainly, we've recently joined forces with to expand our offerings and services for new and existing members.  

Now, all Kona Kase members will be able to take advantage of The Feed’s exceptional  range of products and services, allowing them to fully customize their nutrition and training regimens. All Kona Kase members can also take advantage of The Feed’s nutrition coaching, and get one-on-one support, helping them pick from the thousands of products The Feed offers, in order to find the perfect nutrition to fuel their athletic endeavors.

For New Members: Click here to begin shopping at The Feed (we recommend starting with the Pro Box.)

For Existing Kona Kase Members: You will continue to receive Kona Kase at $17/month. The only change is your credit card statement will now read “The Feed” instead of “Kona Kase”. Between August 5th-10th, you will receive an email regarding your new account at At that time, you will be able to login and start using The Feed’s custom platform. We encourage you to take full advantage of their site and over 1,000 different products!

If you have any questions, feel free to email KonaKase, or The Feed.

We look forward to fueling you as we continue to grow.

-The Feed & Kona Kase