I love finding great food made by passionate people, that can make you a better athlete. It makes this job really fun for everyone at The Feed. Today we're excited to offer Life of Riley nut butters to you.

Life of Riley Nut Butters:

[product_grid id="232060"] Life of Riley was founded by Abby, who I met at a local gym here in Boulder. I instantly fell in love with her product. Abby makes sure that she sources the best possible ingredients, whenever possible. Life of Riley nut butters are gluten-free, paleo-certified, and low-sugar. Life of Riley has 5 flavors, and it's a 5-way tie for our favorite flavor: Cashew Butter: This stuff tastes more like a holiday cookie than a nut butter! Abby uses spices like ginger and nutmeg to add a unique flavor without adding too much sweetness. Almond ButterI've found this nut butter to have the best consistency for spreading, or eating straight out of the jar. Ingredients: roasted almonds, almond oil, pure maple sugar, almond extract, and sea salt. Walnut Butter: Not going to lie...I didn't think I loved walnuts, but I can't stop eating this nut butter. The flavor is super rich, earthy, feels like you're eating something very decadent. As a plus, walnuts are packed with omega-3s which can help fight inflammation. Sunberry Butter: We're hoping we see more of this from Life of Riley. Sunberry is made from sunflower seeds and gets a boost from added dried cherries, blueberries and strawberries. It's a mix that you need to try to appreciate! Unsweetened Almond: Just great almond butter taste, without anything added to distract. Works great for baking or mixing into smoothies for added fat and a richer flavor. Brief note on storage: if you want the cashew and sunberry flavors to remain easily spreadable, keep them in a cool dry place, but not in the refrigerator. We recently sat down with Abby to ask her why she's so passionate about nut butter:  Why did you dedicate your life to making awesome nut butters?
I'd like to think that I've dedicated my life to good food and a healthy lifestyle.  I know these two things can go hand in hand and wanted to be able to share this through a food product.  And nut butters have been a great way to accomplish this with the high-nutrient profile they provide along with the endless possibilities of nut and ingredient combinations.
You have some very unique flavors. Why have you chosen these flavors?
I've created flavor profiles I absolutely love!  I wanted a unique line of products where there wouldn't be just one favorite.  Although all the butters use a short ingredient list, low in sugar, they each add something different to create special flavor blends.
Note: If you're a sucker for cashews or almonds, we highly recommend trying these out. Life of Riley's cashew butter has the following ingredient list: roasted organic cashews, almond oil, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, mace, allspice, cloves, raw honey, and sea salt. Can you say irresistible?!?!? slideshow_2 It is immediately apparent that Life of Riley has a strong focus on ingredients. What's the standard that you uphold when sourcing nuts and choosing ingredients? 
Organic whenever possible!  If we can find organic (and for almost all of the ingredients we use, we can) then we source it.  We are always Non-GMO (and are currently working on that certification).  We are Paleo Certified (through the Paleo Foundation) which we see as a growing trend in the natural food sector.  This means high quality sweeteners used sparingly.
If you could choose ONE food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Avocado because I've heard you could live solely off of them (even though I'd never choose to do such a silly thing because a life without nut butter is a life not worth living).
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