Meet The Feed member Jeanna. Jeanna recently lost a bunch of weight while training for a half marathon on a very low carb diet. Since then she has been running and training even more.  As her intensity of exercise increased, she had a realization. “I know I need carbs to fuel endurance training, but honestly, I'm terrified of eating carbohydrates in any kind of quantity.” Jeanna e-mailed us looking for help. We talked about her nutrition needs, how to eat during runs and rides. And how to move from her low intensity training, to ramping up so she could enjoy everything a summer in central Oregon has to offer. She chose to get started on a 19.99 box with recovery. “The guys over at The Feed were amazing. We emailed back and forth a few times. I told them what I was looking for out of my training and nutrition. My soigneur Brooks was very supportive. They told me not to get hung up on my day-to-day weight -- and that there will be periods where I might gain a few pounds, but that I should take a 6-12 month view, and try to make the long term trend, move in the right direction. They also helped me plan smaller meals throughout my day. This way  I never went out to train feeling hungry. This would keep me from overeating during or after my ride. As for my Feed Box, since I was suffering from a slight case of carb-o-phobia, it was great that The Feed picked out their favorite flavors and brands for my first month. I tried them, and gave them feedback for the next month. The Power Bar Strawberry Energy Blasts: AMAZING!!! Never tried them before and I love them. The only downside is, I really wish I could eat them recreationally... Eeeks!  I had used Clif Shot Bloks before, and would always (like many) be drawn to the margarita flavor. Surprise, surprise, I LOVED the strawberry, I would have never tried those on my own. So thank you! Some flavors weren't my favorite. I emailed Brooks and now I know, going into month two, they won’t be in my shipment and something new, delicious and more exciting will take their place. On Saturday I’m going to try the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cliff Bar on my long run. It sounds crazy good.  and having new food and flavors does actually motivate me to get out there. Honestly, I  took a couple of extra runs this week because I was so excited to try new stuff! I have lots of half packages of chews and blocks to use up now. Eating only half a pack of the Strawberry Energy Blasts was the greatest test of will I've endured recently!  The Rip Van Waffle look dangerously yummy. The best part about it all is the knowledgeable, one-on-one interaction I got. In my box came expert advice on how to eat, when to eat, and why. It was really interesting to find out when my intuition was spot on, and when I could improve. Thanks for helping me fuel and helping me realize that energy foods can be way more fun that I'd made them. Looking forward to next month." Questions about specific nutrition? Send them our way. Email us at