16.5 is here and the past 5 weeks have flown by! We're here to tell you how to crush The Open's 16.5. The 2016 Open is finally coming to an end. The fifth and final workout was announced yesterday – and it is a repeat of 14.5 from the 2014 Open. Since 16.5 is an exact repeat of 14.5, you might remember how much of a killer this workout was two years ago. We sure do. The announcement welcomed three stellar athletes- Matt Faser, Ben Smith, and Rich Froning. They made the workout seem easy, attacked it with composure, and they all had one thing in common- they never stopped moving. 16.5 is Thrusters and Bar Facing Burpees for time: Reps: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters (95/65) Bar Facing Burpees This workout is composed of two movements that can really jack up your heart rate! It's critical to find your pace early on, before the sets of 18 so that you don't come out of the gates too quickly. Pick a pace and try to stick with it, and if you have anything left in the tank pick up the pace when you get to the sets of 9. Remember that you can only go fully anaerobic for about 90 seconds, which will likely the be the time it will take you to complete the round of 9 reps, maybe 12 if you have a big engine. This reference point should help you find a pace for the sets of 21 / 18 / 15 that will be manageable. When you get to your sets of 12s or 9s, starting thinking about picking up the pace slightly. Thrusters: The thrusters are relatively light for advanced athletes, so your goal for this workout should be to break up your reps as little as possible. Every time you drop the bar, you'll need to squat clean it back up for your next Thruster. If going unbroken or in sets of 2 or 3 on the thrusters is not in your wheelhouse then you should break up the thrusters in sets that are manageable, but try to avoid sets smaller than 3 as it will waste a lot of energy to clean the bar back up to your front rack each time. Remember that you'll want to save some energy early on so that you can pick up the pace on your sets of 9s or 12s. If you are going unbroken on the thrusters, pick a slightly conservative pace make sure you don’t burn out too early. Try to rest at the top of your reps as opposed to pausing in the front rack position.
Movement Series: Thrusters

The last workout of The Open 2016 is here! Are you ready to go all out and crush those thrusters? Here's a quick refresher on Thrusters.

Posted by The FeedX on Friday, March 25, 2016
Bar Facing Burpees: We have seen bar-facing burpees in the Open already...so they should be no problem! Ha. In this workout you should try to use the burpees as “active recovery” and make sure you don’t waste any extra energy by adding extra hops for jumping up from the burpees. As you push up from the ground, step one foot all the way forward to the bar so that you're not taking extra steps. Remember that you'll want to feel your heart rate staying steady at this point...if your heart rate is increasing, it will be very tough to consistently move right into the next round of Thrusters. This is the last workout of the Open, so go out there and hit it hard! Remember to BREATHE!