Okay, so you opened your Feed Box and you were like, "YES! Nut Butter?!" Then you were like, "Wait,  when am I supposed to eat this?" And then you were like, "Hmm, let me try it..." And then you were all like, "Wow this is delicious!" And then you were like, "Ahh there is so much more in there that I can't get to. I want more." Then, and let's be honest, you enjoyed the Justin's Nut Butter so much that you got a bit messy and deeply involved with it.

You may have ended up looking like this:NUTBUTTERFACE

Well have no fear, we're  here to help you eat Justin's like a Pro and teach you the perfect time during your workout to chow down.

When To Eat Justin's Nut Butter during a workout:  Justin's Nut Butter is the perfect food to consume in the middle of a long ride. For example, on a  2+ hour ride you'd think of consuming the Nut Butter about half way in. It's also great to consume if you're getting hunger pangs mid gym workout, or if you need something pre-workout to sustain you until you can get a proper meal.

Why? Justin's is low in carbs and offers a healthy serving of fat and protein. Protein and fat take longer to break down in your system and are absorbed by the body at a slower rate. This is why high protein-rich foods leave you feeling fuller, longer. When you combine a high protein/fat food with a carbohydrate it slows the rate that carbohydrates hit your system. This is good because it won't make your bloodsugar spike. Instead it allows the carbohydrates to fuel your cells more steadily, over a longer period of time. This is why Justin' also makes the perfect mid-day snack, works and tastes great stirred into oatmeal (making that oatmeal keep you full even longer), or as a mid day snack.

We recommend taking 1/2 a Justin's Nut Butter on a Rip Van Wafel.  Even better, have this snack when you stop for coffee:


 How To Eat Justin's Nut Butter: 
  1. Before opening the package, knead it with your hands to mix up the oils and nuts.  
  2. Open the package along the corner.
  3. Squeeze from the bottom up like toothpaste.
  4. Enjoy.


Hope that helps! Email us with any tips and tricks of your own: hello@thefeed.com.