We're always working on finding new and innovative products here at The Feed. After our 2015 customer survey, we've identified a new category in sports nutrition that you will NOT want to miss out on: Lifestyle Energy Gels. Lifestyle Energy Gels are still in the development process, and although we know what ingredients we will be putting in our very own Lifestyle Energy Gels, we need to consult with outside experts to take the product from good to great. After all, you are what you eat -- and you want to be GREAT! The current development plan includes a 30 day Kickstarter campaign which we've just launched this morning. Contribution levels are:
  • Junior Mint, $1,000: you have access to a limited edition Lifestyle Energy Gel tee-shirt. 50 spots available.
  • Bone-in Ribeye, $10,o00: you'll be the first to receive 48 Lifestyle Energy Gels. 50 spots available.
  • Saffron Kobe Beef infused bath soak, $1,972,500: you'll receive 5% equity in the Lifestyle Energy Gel product line. 20 spots available.
If you have any questions regarding this Kickstarter campaign, please email hello@thefeed.com!