HEAD-to-HEAD: Orange Cream PowerGel vs Orange&Lemon SIS Go Gel

There are a lot of orange gels around. We took two of our favorites "orange" flavored gels and faced them off head-to-head.  Powerbar's Orange Cream Powerge vs. SiS Orange & Lemon Go Gel  

Orange Cream Power Gel<

Taste: Like a creamsicle Viscosity: Level 7 (10 being honey) Calories: 110 Special Dietary Facts: Gluten-Free pgdrip Effectiveness: This gel is a classic. The energy (aka. sugar)  in this gel is a combination of maltodextrin and fructose. Together,  they make up PowerGels patented "Dual Source Energy Blend." By using sugar from both maltodextrin and fructose the gel delivers energy rapidly to the muscles. Maltodextrin molecules are a more condensed molecule than a normal glucose molecule. This makes them sweeter thus holding more carbs  than a standard sugar molecule in a smaller amounts of space. However this also means that when the molecule passes through your gut wall it  expands, releasing all the carbs into your gut at once. And all these molecules need water to digest them and transport them to your muscles.  This process can upset some stomachs and create that "gut rot" feeling. Basically it's an extreme sweetness that your body isn't ready for, and doesn't have enough water to process. At the same time, if you can handle maltodextrin, you will get more energy and not have to consume as much volume. Pros: If you like creamsicles this taste just like one. It delivers a lot of sugar in a small dose. Cons: The sugar blend can where your stomach out if many gels are consumed in one span.  

Orange & Lemons SiS Go Gel

  Taste: Like watered down tart orange juice Viscosity: Level 3 (0 being water) Calories: 90 Special Dietary Facts: Vegan sisdrip Effectiveness: SiS gels are made entirely with maltodextrin, produced from partial hydrolyses of a special variety of corn - thats what it says on the back of the product.  Why does this matter? Because SiS gels have a patented technology that makes them isotonic. Basically this means when you consume this gel, you do not have to consume water with it. Whatever the ratio of maltodextrin to other ingredients in this gel, ensure that no excess water is needed to to deliver energy to your muscles. This is cool, especially because the gel is very watery, and doesn't leave your mouth with that sticky sugar feeling. A lot of people forget or do not drink enough water when they consume gels, and this can lead to "gut rot" or dehydration. The isotonic technology in Go Gels helps to avoid this. Pros: No water needed to digest. The flavor is very non-offensive.Cons: The gel is very large and watery. It's a big dose to take for only 90 calories. 


SiS Go Gel. Unless you like creamsicles, then just make sure you drink enough water.