With a million different sport nutrition brands on the market, how does The Feed decide what to carry? We believe when something tastes great, you’re more likely to eat it. And when you’re more likely to eat, you are better fueled for performance. Wanting to make sure we meet the dietary needs of all our athletes and subscribers, we’re excited to now carry Breeze Bars: Gluten Free bars, that taste like a rice-crispy treat.

Meet the founder, Breeze Brown

Four years ago I was fresh out of graduate school with a degree in food science and human nutrition. I was working with a group of up and coming professional athletes on their dietary needs. At around the same time my little sister was diagnosed with Celiac disease and having trouble finding things tasty and satisfying things she could eat. Solving two problems with one stone, or rice-treat, I came up with a snack that had variety, flavor, and could sit well in my sisters stomach. My athlete friends loved it and my sister could eat it! As a registered dietitian and an athlete myself I loved the idea of being able to add something to the spectrum of nutrition. After paying off my student loans, and with $300 in hand, Breeze Bars began. breeze-ftr-wldn-1 Fast forward to 2013. With the idea of quality nutrition at the foundation, Breeze Bars have become a platform to not only educate people on sports nutrition and gluten-free options, but better individual nutrition habits across the board. From losing weight to gaining weight, supplementing a workout or supplementing a workday, Breeze Bars provide a recognizable, easy to digest and great tasting product that can be used universally for almost any situation. So here is the scoop: Breeze Bars provide about 250 calories per 2oz bar. They come in 5 great flavors including Original Peanut crunch, Chocolate Cranberry, Maple Almond, Cocoa Espresso and Nut Free Sunflower. While most bars on the market are extruded, Breeze Bars are hand rolled into frames, maintaining the integrity of the ingredients. Because the oils and moisture are not pushed out of the bar during production you do not need as much water to help breakdown the product. The bars sit lighter in your stomach and are easier to digest. We do not add any protein isolates, imitation flavors or color to the bar. This is a natural product with ingredients that are easily recognized by the body. With a 4.5 : 1 ratio carbohydrate to protein the product is a great source of quick and sustainable energy! A great pre-ride snack, during ride fuel or after ride recovery, and a perk…it won’t melt all over your jersey! All of our bars are naturally gluten and dairy free. Now, in addition to our 2oz bar we have a snack size line. Our 0.9oz bars are approximately 115 calories, 14g carbohydrate, 3 g protein and available in all 5 flavors. These are perfect for a little fuel before or during an easy ride and you don’t have to mess with wrapping up half a bar. Great for kids or even to keep on hand at the office for a quick bite. Breeze Bars a must have. Breeze Brown, MS, RD. www.breezebars.com