Gift guide for skiers

Ski season is here, is the skier on your list prepared? That's a great question, one that we ask ourselves daily at this time of year. In all likelihood, the answer is "maybe". Skiers generally do a great job getting really excited for the ski season, but don't necessarily prepare for the season. Nutrition is a great way to maximize a skier's preparation in November and December so that they're skiing strong in January and beyond. As skiers ourselves, we've chosen a few of our favorite products for the gift guide for skiers. These are all great options for on the hill and for pre-season cross training. Caveat: we certainly don't recommend using ALL of these products at the SAME time, but we do recommend using them as a supplement to meals during a day of skiing. Get them all by clicking here to view this product bundle.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix - Apples and Cinnamon:

[product_grid id="9404"] Hydration is really tough for skiers to do well. For starters, skiers don't want to drink cold liquids when it's 10 degrees outside. This is why we like to use Skratch Labs Apples and Cinnamon, which is best consumed HOT. We've posted about the subject before - hydration in the winter is JUST as important as hydration in the summer.

Lara Bar Renola:

[product_grid id="153120"] Eating good food on the slopes can be tough. If you ski from breakfast to lunch and head into the lodge for a $25 plate of're not setting yourself up for a good afternoon. Skip the nachos and grab something portable and delicious like Lara Bar Renola. Renola is a new take on granola, it is paleo friendly, full of whole ingredients, and tastes great. This stuff will hold up in a jacket pocket, something that skiers appreciate over crushed up energy bars.

Krave Jerky 1.5oz.:

[product_grid id="171762"] We don't see many skiers reaching for frozen Powerbars out on the hill, but we see people with beef jerky all the time! For good reason - jerky is a great snack for skiing! High in protein, eats more like a meal...but often times jerky gets rock hard in the cold. We've found that Krave is a lot easier to eat while skiing in large part because it's super tender and easy to chew from the start. Krave uses lean cuts of beef, pork, and turkey to create a low-fat and low-sodium alternative to other overly-processed jerkies. The flavor selection is outstanding. Not your every day jerky, Krave comes in delicious options like Black Cherry BBQ, Basil Citrus, Garlic Chili Pepper, and Pineapple Orange, just to name a few!

Justin's Nut Butter Single Servings:

[product_grid id="493"] This is a ski staple food for us. It's pretty tough to find delicious nut butters in a single serve pack, and that's why we use Justin's while skiing all the time. Like Lara Bar Renola and Krave Jerky, we like eating nut butter while skiing since it feels like you're eating real food. Unlike a gel or chewy sugar thing...nut butter will keep you feeling full for longer. When it's cold, the trick is to warm up the nut butter in your hands before you tear open the pack. Our office's favorite flavor is Maple Almond Butter.

Earnest Eats Hot Cereal Cups:

[product_grid id="102457"] Fact: skiers love oatmeal. Fact: skiers don't always have time to cook a massive breakfast prior to hitting the lift at 9am. That's why we love Earnest Eats. Earnest Eats are basically a full breakfast in a cup. 290 well-balanced calories that won't leave you starving at 11am. The flavor combinations will blow your mind as well. Each cup is not just simply plain oats, but combines super food grains like whole oats, amaranth and quinoa along with fruits, nuts and seeds like almonds, mango, cranberries, cocoa and cashews to make a nutrient dense, on-the-go breakfast to power a day on the slopes.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator:

[product_grid id="17145"] Apres might be the best part of skiing. After all, anyone who's spent a full day out on the hill probably wants to sit down and have a burger and beer for dinner. Trouble is that a burger and a beer doesn't always set you up for great recovery the next day. We've used the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator immediately after skiing as a low-calorie recovery option with great success. The Recovery Accelerator is just 90 calories, so you can use it right after skiing, and still have your burger and beer for dinner if you want! Purchase all of these products by clicking here to view this product bundle.