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We have a small team of dedicated athletes here at The Feed, but none of us are as fast as Michael! Michael recently went to the San Jose Rock and Roll Marathon and ran a personal best 1:10! That is a 5min:20sec mile pace, for 13.1 miles! You can read more about Michael's half here. As we enter the holiday season and look toward personal goals for 2015, Michael helped us build this gift guide of products that runners NEED to have in their daily nutrition routine.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration:

[product_grid id="77772"] Skratch Labs consistently comes up at The Feed as one of our favorite hydration options. Formulated based on science, Skratch is light on taste and carries the proper balance of sodium and electrolytes as well as sugar to aid hydration. Michael notes that he loves Skratch after workouts as it "quickly adds back electrolytes that I'm missing after workouts. I'm always time crunched, so I need something super convenient and delicious post work out. be honest, I just drink it all the time during high volume training periods".

Go Macro Bar:

[product_grid id="38002"] Go Macro Bars are good on all levels. They’re macrobiotic, meaning they’re made from wholesome ingredients that come straight from the earth. Go Macro’s mantra is that if they can’t grow it, you won’t find it in their bars. Michael told us that he likes the Cashew Caramel flavor the best. "I like these bars because they are simple, not too sweet, good ingredients, only 10 grams of sugar for 300 calories. Good protein. Overall, they're just a higher quality bar with a strong focus on ingredients."

Probar Bolt Chew:

[product_grid id="485"] The ProBar Bolt Chew is perfectly bite-sized and has a great blend of electrolytes, complex carbohydrates and B-vitamins to ensure you get the nutrition you need during exercise. Michael says "I do really well with caffeine during exercise and these are easy to chew on during a race or long run. They're also delicious...which is a theme for me, I don't eat stuff that doesn't taste great! Thankfully there are so many options out there these days, it's easy to find tasty workout food."

Share Goods Oatmeal Cups:

[product_grid id="166414"] Share Goods Oatmeal Cups are really popular here at The Feed office. Packed with oats and other great tasting ingredients, all you need to do is add hot water and wait 3-4 minutes for a healthy breakfast on the go. "I really like to mix these with Justin's Nut Butter...and it's the best breakfast ever. Super healthy, quick, sustainable meal."

Vega Protein Smoothie:

[product_grid id="39661"] It's no secret that we love Vega. If you’re constantly on a quest for protein without tons of calories, this is the mix. Inside each Vega Protein Smoothie packet there are only 90 calories, a whopping 15 grams of plant-based protein and two servings of veggies. Michael rely's on Vega as a "quick healthy option post run, it's the highest quality plant based protein option I've tried. I love the chocolate flavor and always drink it with almond milk. As a vegetarian, I rely on this daily."

Justin's Nut Butter Single:

[product_grid id="493"] If you've read this far, you can tell that Michael loves Justin's and relies on it daily. "I love Justin's because it's a "no-BS" product with solid ingredients and it tastes freaking amazing. I add this to anything that I can, like a Vega protein smoothie or oatmeal at breakfast." If you're interested in giving the gift of The Feed, click here to purchase one of our gift certificates! For those of you interested in following Michael's 2015 race season, he'll be kicking things off on January 18th at the Rock and Roll Phoenix Half Marathon. Michael is shooting for another PR with a time of 1hr, 8 minutes. We'll keep you posted on how the race goes on our blog!

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