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The holiday season is here, and although the days are shorter and colder, we're still out riding our bikes whenever we can. Nutrition is a primary focus for most cyclists, especially cyclists who want to ride further, faster...and do it more frequently. If you have any cyclists on your list for holiday gifts this year, here's our perfect gift guide for the athlete who loves being on two wheels! To purchase everything in our gift guide with just two clicks, click here to add to your cart.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix:

[product_grid id="77772"] Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix was originally known throughout pro cycling as “Secret Drink Mix.” The mix was so coveted that athletes sponsored by other drinks would secretly dump out their bottles swapping in the “Secret Drink Mix.” Why? Because it works. It was formulated by the team at Skratch, in pursuit of making the best hydration in the world from real world ingredients that work with your body to maximize hydration. This mix replaces electrolytes while being easy on your digestive system.

Rodeo Labs Trail Nugget:

[product_grid id="140990"] Here at The Feed we have an unmitigated love for Rodeo Bars. Our love starts with the ingredient list. It's short. It's comprised of real foods that are easy to digest while riding. Beyond the ingredient list, we'd be lying if we said we didn't have a crush on Rodeo Labs creator Stephen Fitzgerald. He's one of us, only slightly crazier. Stephen will ride his frankenstein road / CX / MTB bike over roads that no one else will ride. Rodeo Bars were born from that passion, and the quality of the product speaks for itself.

Ally's Bar:

[product_grid id="167614"] Before we go any further, we recommend reading this blog post about the creation of these bars. Like Rodeo Bars, Ally's Bar is a labor of love AND necessity. Looking for a way out of eating gels and sugary gut bombs, pro cyclist Ally Stacher went out and put together the bar that she wanted. If cyclists turned energy bar makers is a thing now, we're excited. Better products, less junk for all. These bars are used and enjoyed by some of the best in cycling. While that's no guarantee they'll work for everyone, it's a must that everyone try them.

Harmony Bar:

[product_grid id="83810"] If you’re looking for an excuse to eat treats on your bike, this is it. Harmony Bars are like pillows of joy, in taste, texture, and the sheer happiness you experience while eating them. They are soft, moist and packed with real ingredients like oats, nuts, honey, chocolate chips and more! They are free of gluten, soy and artificial sweeteners. These bars provide quick and lasting energy from natural sources. Eat them for dessert, eat them as a snack, or eat them for fuel. They are homemade, baked with love and will quickly become your new favorite treat.

Vega Sport Pre-workout Energizer:

[product_grid id="17132"] Although one of Vega's founders is pro triathlete Brendan Brazier, Vega is relatively unknown to cyclists. We aren't sure why...we recommend Vega products to everyone we know. Why is that? Vega has taken a practical approach to formulating products that can be used by athletes for better performance. That's why we love the pre-workout energizer. The pre-workout energizer is specifically designed to get you ready for optimal performance. It blends the high glycemic index of organic sprouted brown rice syrup with palm nectar’s low glycemic index to provide a steady stream of carbohydrate-fueled energy to your system, meant to carry you through your workout. Using caffeine from sources like green tea, yerba mate and rhodiola, this mix will give your body a serious kick.

Boxcar Coffee:

[product_grid id="167555"] Almost every cyclist on the planet drinks too much coffee. BUT...that doesn't mean we aren't going to have 3 cups tomorrow morning, and if we were given a gift from The Feed, it BETTER include coffee. Hint hint to my mom who might be reading! Boxcar is our local Boulder favorite. Boxcar brings a complex flavor profile to their roasts, but we recommend starting with the staple No. 7 house blend. The region, varietal and process varies, but the classic chocolate, citrus, full-bodied and balanced taste remains the same. It’s going to be a good day when you get to wake up over the delicious aroma of a warm cup of Boxcar No. 7.

Osmo Acute Recovery for Men or Women:

[product_grid id="99352"] Cyclists need a different type of recovery product than other athletes, and Osmo has formulated one for that specific purpose. Using both whey protein isolate and micellar casein, Osmo Recovery helps stop the catabolic response to stress and shifts your body into recovery mode. This means your muscles efficiently access and utilize the protein and nutrients necessary for glycogen replenishment and muscle repair over a longer period of time. Osmo also contains a small amount of caffeine, which has been scientifically proven to boost the recovery process. Be sure to check out Osmo's womens specific recovery! To purchase everything in our gift guide with just two clicks, click here to add to your cart. If you're interested in giving the gift of The Feed, click here to purchase one of our gift certificates!

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