Stage 2 gave fans great bike racin' action as it traversed the high rockies in Colorado to finish in Breckenridge. Mathias Frank took the stage win, but Lachlan Morton (and his "no problem" bike license plate), moved into the overall lead. Check out this great gallery of images from Brian at _VEG8417 _VEG8355 _VEG8334 _VEG8192 _VEG8107 _VEG8081 _VEG7999 _VEG7983 _VEG7943 _VEG7898 _VEG7875 _VEG7841 _VEG7629 _VEG7594 _VEG7492 _VEG7418 _VEG7397 _VEG7288 _VEG7193 _VEG7121 DSC_8080 DSC_8014 DSC_7938 DSC_7757 DSC_7592 DSC_7482 DSC_7458 DSC_7440 DSC_7278 DSC_7260 DSC_7218 DSC_7200