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What: Stroopwafels are a crispy, sweet, cookie like treat with gooey caramel filling. Recommended Use: Anytime you need a delicious treat or quick fuel during a 1.5-2 hour workout. Benefits: Great tasting fuel. The last thing you want to eat on a ride is something that doesn't taste good! :) As the 2015 Tour de France kicks off this weekend in the Netherlands, we're featuring Rip van Wafels. Rip van Wafels were created by Dutchman Rip Pruisken. Rip van Wafels are based on the traditional Dutch stroopwafel: crispy cookies that have been sliced in half and filled with a chewy filling. Rip van Wafels are not your average cookie. Rip's company is leading innovation on the product's nutrition while remaining true to the unique taste and texture of the Dutch stroopwafel.

Rip van Wafels:

[product_grid id="9416"] Rip van Wafels recently re-formulated their stroopwafel and it's taken the product to the next level for endurance athletes. The product still tastes great and can be used as a healthy snack or performance fuel during workouts. The new formulation keeps the Traditional flavor (a blend of bourbon vanilla, cinnamon and molasses) and adds ingredients like oat flour, chickpea flour and flaxseed oil. Fully Non-GMO and all-natural, there are no artificial flavors, trans fats, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup inside these packages. The new, clean ingredients also improve the unique crispy and chewy texture of the wafels. Dutch cyclists are stroopwafel lovers; according to several sources total consumption in the Netherlands is at 320 million units/year, that's 20 wafels per person/year (Dutch population is ~16 million). Cyclists have always recognized the stroopwafel as great bike fuel because it's thin, portable and tastes great. Rip van Wafel's new formulation goes a long way to making them a perfect balance for fueling short-medium duration endurance workouts. As far as nutrition specs, one wafel has 19 carbs, 130 calories and 2 grams of protein making it a tasty way to get easily-digestible, real food calories when training. With only 8 grams of sugar Rip van Wafels offer sustained fuel without the energy crash of other high sugar options. Slip one of these in your jersey pocket next time you go out and imagine yourself cruising alongside the Amsterdam canals and wind swept ocean roads. Add Rip van Wafels to your Feed by viewing their product page.