Rodeo Labs founder, Stephen Fitzgerald had a vision when it came to sports nutrition bars. Their goal was simple: create a product that was healthy, all-natural, and delicious. When you look at the ingredients list of any Trailnugget flavor you will find refreshingly few words, all of which will be easily recognizable. Each ingredient in every one of their bars earns its place on the list by supplying energy, improving taste, or helping to make the consistency of the bar just right. The bars are date-based with delicious mix ins like almonds, beets, lemon oil or peanut butter, these bars are all natural and totally delicious. Suggested Use: Trailnuggets are first and foremost designed to be energy dense and easy to eat while on the bike. Although they are technically bars, Trailnuggets are soft and edible to the point where they are as easy to consume as any gummy. Consume plenty of water while you eat the bar to aid in digestion. A nice kick of energy will follow not far behind. Benefits: The Lemon Hot Date and Beet It flavors are are high on carbohydrates and lower on protein. This makes them great for fueling aerobic activity. They can be eaten in a similar manner to a gel OR a bar but contain more than 200 calories each so they pack more energy than most. The Peanut Coco flavor has a soft peanut filling and thus contains more protein. Athletes with different sensibilities sometimes eat this bar differently than the other two flavors. For some it is just as easy to eat and digest as Lemon or Beet It and for others the added protein means that it is a bar they'd be more likely to eat before or after a ride. [product_grid id="140990"] Stage 9 rolls out on Sunday morning. The five climbs of the day are spread out between the Spanish and Andorran territories. The final climb to the finish in Col de la Comella should be a fun one to watch! The ratio of protein to carbs make Trailnuggets a perfect choice for the riders to stay fueled in this day full of hard efforts. Trailnuggets are currently featured in our 2016 Tour De France Box, a mix of our favorite products, available for $39.99. Each TdF Box includes a FREE Camelbak Podium Bottle! Shop today!