Editor's note: Feed athlete and Canadian alpine ski racer Jeffrey Frisch is in Colorado this week preparing for the Beaver Creek World Cup. Jeffrey will be competing in the Birds of Prey Downhill and Super G World Cup. Here's how Jeff's week is shaping up in preparation for this important early season race.  Click here to purchase Jeff's favorite products from The Feed! Written by: Jeffrey Frisch At this time of the year I ski almost every day. Over the summer I spent a huge amount of time in the gym getting my legs and core strong. I also worked hours and hours on balance…and the little things I needed to improve before the race season started in earnest. From mid-November on, it's very important for me to maintain my leg strength, core and balance, even though I'm skiing everyday. After training on the hill each day, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the stationary bike followed by some balance work and stretching. In addition to that, I do 45 minutes of core work 3-4 days per week. I also like to throw in some back squats to maintain pure power. On my days of, I also do some light intervals on the bike so that I can maintain my cardio and keep endurance up through the winter season. With all this training, traveling and racing, the race season is a very exciting but a super busy time! On top of that, it's my job to go downhill as fast as I can, sometimes reaching speeds up to 150 kilometers per hour. As you can imagine, my nutrition needs to remain very focused during the season...I can't afford to eat too many cheeseburgers or pieces of cake! Before my workouts, I rely on Vega Sport Pre-Workout. I love that it gives me a small boost and keeps me focused, without feeling over-stimulated. While I'm on the hill skiing, I rely heavily on Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix. You might be surprised that hydration matters during the cold winter months, but my performance really suffers when I'm not well hydrated. How do I know this? I just look at the clock after a run! Poor hydration = slower times down the hill. For solid foods, I love snacking on Bonk Breaker, ProBar Meal Bar, Enduro Bites and Clif Bars. In the off-season I use SFH Recovery Whey after intense strength conditioning workouts. Before my workouts (and sometimes before I go skiing) I use the Vega sport Pre-Workout drink that gets me in the right mode and ready to push hard. While I am on the hill skiing I stay hydrated with he skratch sport drink and after each run I take a bite of my favorite bars, Bonk Breaker, ProBar, Enduro Bites, and Clif bars. Click here to purchase Jeff's favorite products from The Feed!