One of the best things about exercise is that you get to snack more. Here are some of our favorite wholesome snacks that are the perfect treat to accompany some sweat. Skout BBQ Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are full of magnesium, omega-3s and zinc. These pumpkin seeds have the added benefit of tasting amazing with the perfect dash of salt and bbq flavor. We love these on a hot day, where we need some healthy fats to sustain us. Chocolate Barnana: If you like bananas and you like chocolate you will love Chocolate Barnana's. They are simply chocolate covered bananas. That's it. Nothing extra. They go great with coffee. Vegan Snack Bar: Vega really did it with this bar. They made an amazing bar, full of great ingredients that you can taste and see, and added chocolate. How can this be wrong? Dick Stevens Beef Jerky Trail Mix: If you're a jerky fan, you need to try this. It's strips of premium jerky combine with nuts, seeds and dried fruit that, when they come together, becomes a very well balanced snack. We love love love the goji berries. Mint Sun Cups: The Sun Cups aren't trying to be a Reeses, which is one of the reasons we love them. They are just a delicious treat made from pure and wholesome ingredients. The chocolate is rich, and the inside mint filling is gooey. So delightful!

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