What does a feed for a bike expedition high in the Peruvian Andes look like? This is just a selection of what Joey SchuslerThomas Woodson, Sam Seward took on their recent trip to the Cordillera Huayhuash. Follow their journey this week leading up to their #HuayhuashFilm premiere at The 5 Point Film Festival.
1- The Food
2 — Pushing up Switchbacks
"The first day on the trail started with a push to 15,400ft. We got in a good rhythm of eating nut butter at the base of every pass and shot blocks spread throughout. However, the effects of altitude and weight of camera gear was far more than we anticipated.”
3 — Riding on ridge
“We had to keep moving all day to (hopefully) stay ahead of the rains. A quick ProBar Meal bar and some dried fruit on top of the climbs would help us power through the descents to our next destination."
4 — Camping
“Night time. Finally an opportunity for real food. We cooked to the sounds of thundering glaciers and serac fall somewhere around 14,500ft. Our rations were 1.75lbs per person per day, mostly dehydrated veggies, rice, couscous, and cheese or butter for calories."
5 — Riding towards glaciers
“With views like this, the pain of a week above treeline would subside and we would remember why we were out here. The Cordillera Huayhuash features some of the most beautifully rugged mountains in the world. We hope to see some of you for our #HuayhuashFilm premiere at @5PointFilm Festival. Also, stay tuned for our @bikemag multimedia feature dropping Monday, April 28, 2014. Cheers to adventure!"
Follow the film: #HuayhuashFilm | @joeyschusler @thomaswoodson @samwseward