Since their start in Gary’s kitchen, Clif Bar has always been focused on giving athletes the food they need to fuel their sport or adventure. New in 2015, Clif Bar has once again changed the way athletes can fuel their workouts with their Organic Energy Food pouches. What is it? CLIF Organic Energy Food is the next generation of sports nutrition made from real food ingredients, featuring delicious sweet or savory recipes. How is it better? CLIF Organic Energy Food gives endurance athletes what their bodies crave using Certified USDA organic, gluten-free and real food ingredients. Why does it matter? CLIF Organic Energy Food is designed for endurance athletes who want energy from real food ingredients like those they could find in their kitchen, satisfying their craving for either real fruit or salty comfort food. Development Background: Clif worked a number of their highest performing Team Clif Bar (TCB) athletes to develop COEF – Scott Jurek (ultrarunner), Stephanie Howe (ultrarunner), Ian Sharman (ultrarunner), Troy Wells (cyclist), Pete Morris (cyclist), Mike Libecki (climber); their feedback was incorporated into final product; Stephanie Howe used prototypes of Pizza Margherita during her 2014 Western States 100 victory. Scott Jurek is field testing new flavors of Clif Organic Energy Food this summer during his Appalachian Trail speed attempt.

Clif Organic Energy Food:

[product_grid id="210782"] Sweet flavors were inspired by smoothie recipes of Scott and Stephanie; Savory recipes inspired by their home recipes of food they would make for long runs. Clif Organic Energy Food is USDA Organic which means every flavor has 95%+ organic ingredients, plus all ingredients are non GMO and are grown without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The Clif Bar Organic Energy Food product line isn’t like your dad’s sports nutrition, and that’s a good thing. We talk about ingredients all the time, and believe that athletes should be focused on using products with only the best ingredients. Clif Bar’s Organic Energy Food has everything you want in a product, and nothing you don’t. By using high quality organic ingredients like banana puree, beet juice concentrate, coconut puree and ginger, Organic Energy Food will be relatively quick to digest, without causing GI distress like many fast acting energy gels. Organic Energy Food also comes in a new pouch with twist off / resealable cap. Although you may have seen this type of pouch in the grocery store, there aren’t many products like this that are specifically developed by pro athletes, for athletes. The benefit of the pouch is that you can keep an air-tight seal which allows for higher moisture content. Products that are higher in moisture will be easier to digest during exercise and will require less water - a key during exercise on hot days. We’ve primarily been using the two sweet flavors, Banana Mango Coconut and Banana Beet Ginger, but we also love the savory options. Savory flavors Pizza Margherita and Sweet Potato with Sea Salt are a great way to switch it up and add variety during long rides when you’re craving non sweet flavors and/or salty flavors. The savory flavors both have at least 550mg per pouch. We have been using Organic Energy Food to fuel workouts that last anywhere from 75 minutes to 5 hours. We even use the two sweet flavors right before a workout (moderate glycemic index) to ensure that our blood sugar is slightly elevated. We use the savory flavors after about 2 hours of riding. The salt, protein, and fat sit well, plus these flavors have a low glycemic index, so the energy releases slowly. At around 100 calories per pouch (sweet flavors), Organic Energy Food is easy to consume while on a ride or run, but at 100 calories it’s important to plan ahead and pack a few for long days. The savory flavors have between 160 and 200 calories, as they’re designed to support you on your longer outings. Organic Energy Food is certified organic, gluten-free and Kosher. Click here to shop Clif Bar's entire line of sports nutrition.