Life can be busy. Some days you can't squeeze in a workout. Some days you're sitting in your chair all day, and grabbing a proper meal seems impossible and grabbing fast food seems like the only option.  In a perfect world, we'd all have unlimited free time and a personal chef cooking full time in our kitchens. This chef would make us perfectly portable meals. We would find the time to eat six times a day. Instead, we need to make do with what's available. So stop for a second and take another look in that Feed Box of yours. There are some great nutrient rich foods that are real alternatives to greasy"fast" options. Next time life puts a little too much on your plate, don't turn to fast food. Try faster food. Here are our tips for using sports nutrition in your everyday life.  1. All Day Hydration. Don't hesitate to use an electrolyte hydration mix to hydrate while at work, or while you're on the go running errands. This is a great way to stay hydrated, and better prepare yourself for your next work out. Since you aren't exercising use a low or no calorie mix like Skratch or dilute your high calorie mix to 50% strength. We love adding 1 scoop of Skratch Labs mix to a 32 ounce water bottle. 2. Bars for Lunch. Pick an energy bar you love. Use it as a meal replacement at lunch time. It is really easy to go calorically overboard when you can't excercise. So replacing a hearty lunch out with a 250-350 calorie energy bar and low calorie hydration mix is a great way to keep calories down while your stuck in your seat. 3. Redefine "recovery" products. Recovery products, like Clif Builder Bars or Fluid recovery mix, are fantastic options for meal replacement. They protein content in them makes you feel fuller longer, and they're packed with a great dose of essential vitamins. We've been using Fluid Chocolate recovery mix during the day with great results. Here's a recipe: Combine and Blend: Almond Milk, 1-2 Bananas, 2 scoops of Fluid Recovery, and 1 pack of Justin's Maple Almond Nut Butter. Drink up & Enjoy.


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