Every January, we hear again and again about new year's resolutions about eating healthier. To be honest, we're not big fans of making huge over-reaching new years resolutions like "no more ice cream" or "no more white sugar". The reality is that if you want to eat some ice cream, or have a coke...go for it and don't worry about it. Just do it infrequently.

One way to make goals like this more achievable is to change your diet for a short period of time (e.g. one month), seeing what happens, and then applying the lessons learned to the rest of your year. Our local Crossfit gym, Crossfit Sanitas, is running a Clean Challenge during the month of January.

We think the Clean Challenge is a great idea. The other day while we were at Cross Fit, coach Dwight made the point that if you never eliminate certain ingredients (like dairy or gluten), you'll never actually know how those ingredients affect your body. In Dwight's case, by doing a 30 day clean challenge, he found that he does just fine with dairy, but suffers a lot from eating any type of grains.

If you're brave enough to invest 30 days for better health, here's how the Clean Challenge works:

The guidelines:

  • Cut out inflammatory foods for 30 days – grains, dairy, sweeteners (real and artificial), refined seed oils, alcohol, processed and refined foods, etc
  • Exercise 5 days and rest 2 days weekly
  • Sleep 7-8 hours each night
  • Commit to 5 minutes of daily silent meditation, walking or yoga

Why should you do this?

  • Improved fitness
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Lower body fat
  • Enhanced emotional well-being (no sugar highs and lows)
  • Reduced inflammation (better digestion, clearer skin, lessened allergies, etc.)

Since two of our team members (Bryan and John) are trying Crossfit for the first time this month, we thought we would get involved by building box of food that fulfills the requirements of the challenge: Introducing the January Clean Challenge Feed Box.