Easy Snacking at The Feed!

Snacking means a lot of things, but we'd like to boil it down into something simple that you can follow. What is snacking to The Feed? Snacking is eating something healthy that is made with good ingredients when you're hungry. It's OK to be hungry, arguably it's a good thing, your metabolism is working overtime! However, snacking on Doritos and Caramel Chocolates from Trader Joe's isn't the best option for athletes or anyone who wants to get fitter and healthier. Don't get us wrong, we're fine with eating Doritos and Caramel Chocolates occasionally but try to avoid it whenever possible. As a Feed reader and customer, here are some of our favorite snacks to help you avoid the Doritos:

1. Barnana:

[product_grid id="37914"] We've carried Barnana for almost two years now, and it is still something that our staff will reach for when we're hungry. As the name suggests, Barnana's are small bites of dehydrated bananas that come in five great flavors: original, coconut, chocolate, apple cinnamon, and coffee. We tend to prefer the original or coconut flavors, but all of them are quite good, even coffee! If you're not a fan of bananas, Barnana is probably not going to be your favorite snack. If you love banana, we highly recommend trying this product out and keeping around for times when you might otherwise snack on junk-food. Barnana recently released Barnana Mini's if you'd like to order their product in smaller batches.

2. All Good Trail Mix:

[product_grid id="17217"] All Good Trail Mix is seriously delicious. And we know what you're thinking...that trail mix sort of sucks...you're probably just going to want to pick out all of the chocolate peanut butter or M&M's. Normally, we'd be right there with you, but All Good Trail Mix is the exception to the norm: it tastes great and there's nothing in the bag that you won't want to eat. This one of the only trail mixes we've eaten where we're happy eating everything in the bag equally. It's important to remember that All Good Trail Mix is neither low calorie nor low in fat, which is not a bad thing but it's something to keep in mind. Don't use this as a mid-day snack if you can't stop eating the entire 8 ounce bag (840 calories, 36 grams of fat).

3. Halfpops:

[product_grid id="153133"] Halfpops are crunchy, a little bit sweet & salty and they taste great. That's almost everything we're looking for in a snack. If you can manage to eat just one bag in a sitting, Halfpops are almost low calorie as well (260 calories in one bag). We're perfectly OK eating an entire bag as a snack, and if you're active everyday you should hesitate to snack on Halfpops if you like them. Our favorite flavor is Chipotle Barbeque.

4. Steve's Paleo Dried Fruit:

[product_grid id="137859"] Steve's Paleo Dried Fruit is just that: dried fruit. While the Apple and Mango flavors contain ONLY apples and mangoes, the other three flavor are dried fruit + apple juice concentrate. What we notice most about this product is how good it tastes, despite not using a TON of added sugar (if at all). The Dried Strawberries are tough to stop eating, and if you're a mango lover, Dried Mangoes will be right up your alley. If you're choosing this as a mid-afternoon snack, we recommend portioning out the bag and taking smaller amounts with you. As is the case with All Good Trail Mix, this product is not necessarily low calorie and could add a significant amount of sugar / carbohydrate to your daily intake.

5. Eden Organic Pistachios:

[product_grid id="350523"] Eden Organic Pistachios are incredibly delicious and at the 1oz. snack size, perfect for most occasions throughout your busy day. Whether you’re sitting crossed legged in the lobby of your child’s dentist office or on the way to their afternoon soccer practice, Eden Organic Pistachios are an excellent snack choice. They’re a great source of protein and healthy fat that will satisfy your hunger and give you lasting energy. Super charge your afternoon at work or on the trail with this delightful pocket pack of goodness.